PLO to arrange return of Palestine refugees to Syria

Syrian Refugees at Yarmouk Refugee Camp

The now famous UN photo of refugees at Yarmouk Refugee Camp waiting for food distribution, taken in 2015

The Palestinian Liberation Organisation’s Refugee Department called for Palestinian refugees who fled the Syrian conflict to register their names in order to facilitate their return to the camps in Syria, the Safa news agency reported yesterday.

In a statement, the PLO said the move only affects refugees who moved to Lebanon and Gaza and who desire to go back to the refugee camps in Syria.

Registration in Lebanon would be arranged by the Palestinian embassy in Beirut and in Gaza would be arranged by the PLO’s Refugee Department. The deadline for registration has been set for Thursday.

The move, the PLO said, is part of a previously prepared time frame which would see all Palestine refugees return to their camps in Syria. Future announcements would be made regarding the return of refugees in other Arab states.

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(Source / 21.07.2018)

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