President Mustafa Visits Rural Aleppo; Says Coalition Will Open Offices in All Liberated Areas

A delegation of the Syrian Coalition headed by President Abdurrahman Mustafa toured northern rural Aleppo on Tuesday, visiting the towns of Al-Raie and Al-Bab. In addition to President Mustafa, the delegation included Vice-president Badr Jamous, Secretary General Nazir al-Hakim, Head of the Syrian Negotiations Commission Nasr al-Hariri, and Head of the Syrian Interim Government Jawad Abu Hatab.

The delegation met with representatives of the local councils in the area, officials in the chambers of commerce and industry, the police force and the Free Syrian Army groups. The delegation was briefed on the reality of the service institutions in the liberated areas.

President Mustafa thanked all officials for the services they are providing for civilians in the liberated areas. He stressed that the Coalition is seeking to strengthen the relationship with everyone in these areas, which comes as part of the presidential plan for the next phase.

President Mustafa pointed out that work is underway to open offices of the Coalition in all liberated areas, with the first of these offices to be opened in the town of Al-Raie.

Moreover, President Mustafa stressed the need to strengthen the relationship and permanent communication between the Syrian Coalition and all institutions operating in the liberated areas. He pointed out that this will contribute to the development of a comprehensive plan to achieve the objectives of the Syrian revolution, namely freedom and dignity and the toppling of the regime.

Nasr Al-Hariri gave on overview of the latest developments in the political process. He stressed that the political solution is the only option to achieve the aspirations of the Syrian people through the implementation of the Geneva Communique of 2012 and UN Security Council resolution 2254.

Hariri also underscored the need to pay attention to the situation inside Syria, particularly at level of the Syrian revolution in order to reorganize the ranks and prepare well to meet the challenges ahead.

Secretary-General Nazir al-Hakim talked about the role of local councils and other institutions in the administration of the liberated areas. He said that these councils presented a successful model of governance and exposed the incompetence of the Assad regime’s institutions and the extent to which it uses them to serve its autocratic goals.

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department / 17.07.2018)

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