Netanyahu: Israeli attacks on Gaza ‘are not over yet’

‘You need to be prepared for the continuation of the fight,’ he told settlers of illegal Jewish settlement near Gaza.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday that “exchange of blows” with Palestinian resistance “is not over yet,” stressing that Israel is “determined to win,” Israeli media reported.

“I told them we are in an ongoing fight,” the Israeli news website Ynet News quoted Netanyahu telling reporters during a visit to the illegal Israeli Jewish settlement of Sederot near the Gaza Strip.

“Just as we are now completing the thwarting of the tunnels, and just as we acted against and succeeded in stopping the mass charge on the fence [east of Gaza], we have also instructed the IDF to eradicate and stop the incendiary kite and balloon terrorism,” he said.

Netanyahu stressed: “We are in the midst of a process… it is important Hamas understands it is facing a steel wall, and that this wall is primarily made up of a determined government, steadfast local leadership and Zionist communities [settlements].”

He also said: “I am convinced that with our shared strength to thwart and deter, we will eventually be able to defeat this terrorism from Gaza.”

Netanyahu’s remarks were delivered in the wake of the Israeli aggression on Gaza that took place on Saturday: “We delivered the most serious blow Hamas has suffered since Protective Edge”, he said.

He addressed Israelis: “You need to be prepared for the continuation of the fight.”

“We are in the ongoing fight of Zionism. We have been fighting terrorism for 100 years, fighting it with great strength, and this place, at the moment, is the friction point between Islamist terrorism and the Jewish state, and we are determined to win.”

(Source / 17.07.2018)

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