Scores of settlers and soldiers storm Nablus city for rituals

Nablus stormed

Hundreds of Jewish settlers stormed under military protection at dawn Thursday the area of Joseph’s Tomb, east of Nablus city, which provoked clashes with local young men.

Eyewitnesses said that several Israeli buses carrying settlers escorted by military vehicles gathered after midnight near Beit Furik checkpoint, east of Nablus, and then entered the city through Amman street, where young men ambushed them and hurled stones at them.

During their presence in the city, Israeli soldiers stormed a building in Balata town near the area of Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus and kidnapped a young man called Mas’oud al-Asmar.

Local sources said that the clashes between young men and soldiers spread to other areas of Nablus, including the entrances to Balata refugee camp and al-Quds street.

(Source / 05.04.2018)

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