The Youth of Gaza

By Youth of Gaza


The youth in Gaza represent 30% ?? of what??  the Gazan population? , and they are the most capable of reversing the real country’s reality as the one in charge of making daily life in all its forms in terms of learning and work and marriage and then   creativity in all the aspects of life required to keep up with times.

However, under the conditions imposed on the strip : lack of employment opportunities and the resulting rise in unemployment and lack of daily basic needs, as well as the policy of closing crossings that suggest to the youth that they live in a large prison, which inevitably leads to frustration. All these circumstances build an obstacle between the conditions of youth and the realization of their ambitions, and make the contours of the future before them blurred.

But despite all these unprecedented obstacles in the world, there are still youth of both sexes,  insisting on coping with these obstacles by keeping up with the times, exchanging experiences and daily innovations in all available ways.

In an interview with the student, Reman Abu Rizk, she said : ” As a Palestinian youth, I have a lot of dreams, which I hope to achieve inside the boundaries of my homeland, despite of the cruel reality in which we as a Palestinian youth live” .

She added : ” I have a shining view upon our future in our catastrophic strip. Our dreams will be coming true because we face very dark days, our light will be soon. One day, I will be a successful translator spite of all these challenges, so we should challenge our reality to reach to our dreams” .

Like other youths, Gazans youth dream of marriage and establish a right social life free of obstacles, but the circumstances we have mentioned are an example of  major reasons for youth’s dread of getting married because they are unable to provide marriage decrees as well as the disability they will face in meeting family requirements with a daily minimum .

In an interview with graduate Khalid, he told us:  “I always paint in my mind a bright and fair future for the effort I have made during my studies at med school. But I have faced a shocking reality and hit all my ambitions in the wall. I’m a 30-year-old boy, but all I have is a volunteer job for free, which hinders me from any opportunity to build my social life or my family’s allowance, which  have made so much for me to get to advanced stages”.

These problems have led young people to think that they are forced to travel to any other country where they have the opportunity to achieve their goals and escape from the difficult reality they face in the Gaza Strip.

In our question to a Gazan youth  (Abdel Rahman Shaaban) he answered: ” I always ask myself a question : Why should I leave my country and go to another one ? The answer is always logical: Leave my country and think about traveling because my country has no minimum needs as a youth who seeks to build his future; if the country has what the young people need in Gaza, the idea of travelling was not the only goal to be pursued “.

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