Syrians Disappointed as UN Security Council Fails to Agree on Temporary Truce in Syria

Member of the Syrian Coalition’s political committee, Salah al-Din al-Hamawi, said the Syrian people have been disappointed by the failure of the UN Security Council to agree on a temporary truce in Syria that is needed to put an end to the killings and crimes being committed by Russia, Iran, and the Assad regime. He noted that that these crimes have sharply increased following the failure of the Sochi Conference.

The UN Security Council once again failed to agree on declaration of a humanitarian truce in Syria. Sweden and Kuwait on Friday presented a draft resolution in light of the rapidly deteriorating situation in several areas across Syria, most notably in the Damascus suburb of eastern Ghouta and rural Idlib.

Al-Hamwi stressed that the UN Security Council’s repeated failure to rein in the Assad and Iranian militias as well as the Russian aggression as well as some Council members’ limiting of their response to mere expressions of sympathy and dissatisfaction have emptied this international organization of its primary purpose which is maintaining international peace and security. He stressed this failure requires a reconsideration of the structure and composition of the UN Security Council as well as the cause of its continued inaction.

The ongoing bombing campaign by the Russian and Assad regime forces has killed over 500 civilians and wounded thousand more as the last week in eastern Ghouta has been described as the deadliest since 2015.

Al-Hamwi noted that the cessation of murder and crimes in Syria could be achieved without the need for a resolution by the UN Security Council which has been disabled by the same side who is committing crimes in Syria provided that there is a will to carry out this noble act, especially on the part of the United States.

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department / 10.02.2018)

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