Israel issues 47 administrative detention orders in February

A Palestinian child can be being arrested by Israeli security forces

Forty-seven administrative detention orders were issued by Israeli occupation forces against Palestinian prisoners in the first week of February, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club revealed yesterday.

Of them, 41 were new while six were renewals of detentions of prisoners already held by the occupation.

The administrative detention orders ranged from three to six months, it said, and some were issued against prisoners who had already spent months and years in administrative detention, including journalist Hammam Hintash who had his detention renewed for a third time.

The occupation authorities use the policy of administrative detention to detain Palestinians without charge for an indefinite period of time and refuse to reveal the charges against them, which they claim are “secret”, impeding the ability of their lawyers to defend them.

There are currently nearly 7,000 Palestinian prisoners being held in 22 Israeli occupation jails, including 350 minors, 56 women, 700 administrative detainees, 12 members of the Legislative Council.

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(Source / 10.02.2018)

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