Israel army sends reinforcements to Nablus region

Israeli security forces in Nablus, West Bank

The Israeli army is sending reinforcements to the Nablus region of the occupied West Bank today, reported Ynet.

The move comes as Israeli occupation forces continue the search for Abed Al-Karim Adel Assi, a Palestinian with Israeli citizenship who killed an Israeli settler on Monday.

According to the report, “several of the army’s regular service regiments will be taken off their training and drill duties and moved to the region to bolster forces already on the ground”, following senior military officials’ evaluation of the situation on the ground.

The paper adds that “the forces will be deployed and will operate in the coming days in territorial brigades in the Samaria [northern West Bank] region where friction hotspots proliferate.”

Reports: PA helping Israel trace perpetrators of Nablus attack

(Source / 08.02.2018)

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