Arrests, home break-ins reported in predawn sweep by Israeli army

Pre dawn sweep Nablus

A number of Palestinians were kidnapped by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) in abduction weeps rocking West Bank provinces at predawn Thursday.

The IOF stormed Nablus province at the crack of dawn and kidnapped two Palestinians—15-year-old Mohamed Daraghma and 24-year-old Sarhan Daraghma.

Overnight, youngster Abdul Salam Dawabsha, from Nablus’s southern town of Duma, was kidnapped by the IOF at the Jaba’ checkpoint.

At the same time, heavily-armed Israeli patrols rolled into Jenin’s towns of Berkin and Wadi Berkin, before they kidnapped four Palestinians, among them relatives of slain Ahmed Jarrar.

The occupation forces further ransacked homes belonging to the Jarrar family using sniffer dogs. Sounds of explosions and heavy gunfire were detected all the way through the assault.

The Israeli military also sealed off Jenin’s western entrance, blocking Palestinians’ access out of and into the area.

Meanwhile, three Palestinians were kidnapped by the IOF from Tulkarem province.

The campaign culminated in the abduction of two Palestinians from Ramallah province, in the central occupied West Bank, and two others from al-Khalil, to the south.

(Source / 08.02.2018)

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