UN General Assembly affirms illegality of Israeli actions in occupied East Jerusalem

Israeli excavator demolishes a Palestinian home in the West Bank on 7 November 2017

The United Nations General Assembly in New York passed six resolutions on Thursday affirming Palestinian rights and condemning Israeli violations of international law.

The resolutions were passed in the context of the UNGA’s annual debate on the question of Palestine and the situation in the Middle East.

In one resolution (‘Jerusalem’), “the Assembly reiterated that any actions by Israel, the occupying Power, to impose its laws, jurisdiction and administration on the Holy City of Jerusalem were illegal and therefore null and void”.

This resolution was adopted by 151 votes in favour to 6 against (Canada, Federated States of Micronesia, Israel, Marshall Islands, Nauru, United States), with 9 abstentions (Australia, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Honduras, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, South Sudan, Togo).

Israel’s delegate condemned the resolutions, claiming that the UN “continued to annually adopt biased resolutions and devote precious resources…to politicized bodies whose sole purpose was to attack and denounce Israel”. The US representative “echoed that opposition”.

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Another resolution, ‘Peaceful settlement of the question of Palestine’, was adopted by a vote of 157 in favour to 7 against (Canada, Federated States of Micronesia, Israel, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Solomon Islands, United States) with 8 abstentions (Australia, Cameroon, Fiji, Honduras, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, South Sudan, Tonga).

The text “called for the intensification of efforts by the parties towards the conclusion of a final peace settlement, stressed the need for resumed negotiations and called upon Israel to cease all unilateral actions in the Occupied Palestinian Territory”.

(Source / 01.12.2017)

Thousands celebrate Prophet Muhammad’s birthday in Al-Aqsa Mosque

Palestinians celebrate Mawlid al-Nabi, the birth anniversary of the beloved Prophet Mohammad in Jerusalem on 30 November 2017

Thousands of Muslims in occupied Jerusalem have celebrated the anniversary of the birth of Prophet Muhammad, Quds Press has reported. The celebrations took place on Thursday in Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Palestinians and Muslims from around the world arrived at the mosque in the early morning to participate in the programme announced by the Department of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs in Jerusalem. The celebrations included the singing of religious songs. Sweets were distributed amongst those taking part.

The markets in the Old City of Jerusalem also witnessed an increase in business activity as thousands of Palestinians from Israel and the occupied West Bank also visited the city to mark the occasion.

Meanwhile, teams of Scouts toured the streets before they marched towards the Noble Sanctuary of Al-Aqsa through the Old City gates.

(Source / 01.12.2017)

Israel paper demands Egypt, Arab states apologise to Jews and compensate them

Israel Hayom

Israel Hayom newspaper has called on Egypt and other Arab countries to follow Europe’s lead by apologising and compensating Jews for crimes committed against them.

“Unlike Germany and Portugal, Egypt and the Arab countries are not willing to compensate Jews who lived on their lands. They are also unwilling to recognise the crimes they committed against the Jews,” the paper said, adding that time has come for Egypt and the Arab countries to apologise for their crimes against Jews and compensate them for the properties confiscated by the state.

According to the paper, Israel could use the opportunity of warming relations with Gulf states to end the historical injustice suffered by Jews from Arab countries.

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“Israel can do this by unequivocally stating that it will not sign an agreement to end the conflict with the Palestinians or with the Arab states, including the Gulf states, unless the file of Jewish refugees from Egypt and the Arab countries and the property seized by these countries is settled, which is valued at more than $400 million,” the paper said.

Israel is morally obliged to demand Arab states compensate the Jews for their stolen land and property, something the Israeli governments has unfortunately not cared about for generations, but we can hope that the situation will change as soon as possible.

The paper claimed the 1948 Nabka brought serious waves of repression against Jews in Egypt and other Arab countries forcing many of them to move to the newly established state of Israel.

“In the wake of the other Arab defeat in 1967 there was new repression against Jews who stayed in Arab countries like Egypt, Iraq and Libya,” it said.

“Many people have hurt the Jewish people throughout history, some apologised and some tried to atone for their crimes. The Portuguese demanded forgiveness for persecuting the Jews. Today they present a passport to every Jew whose family was expelled from there. The Germans, who exterminated one-third of our people, signed a compensation agreement with Israel.”

(Source / 01.12.2017)

Israeli forces use live fire during clashes in hometown of Palestinian killed by settler

Live fire Qusra

NABLUS (Ma’an) — A day after a Palestinian farmer from the village of Qusra was shot dead by Israeli settlers, Israeli forces fired live ammunition, tear gas, and rubber-coated steel bullets at locals in the village after Friday prayers.

Clashes erupted between Palestinians in the village, located southeast of Nablus in the northern occupied West Bank, following Friday prayers that were held at the site where Mahmoud Odeh, 48, was shot dead by an Israeli settler on Thursday.
A local official told Ma’an that Israeli soldiers fired dozens of tear gas, live ammunition and rubber-coated steel bullets at locals, causing many to suffer from severe tear-gas inhalation.
Witnesses told Ma’an that the clashes carried on from the eastern part of the village to its main entrance, where dozens of Israeli soldiers were deployed.
An Israeli army spokesperson told Ma’an they were aware of the Friday prayers that took place near the site of Odeh’s murder, but that “nothing unusual” took place in the village, regarding clashes.
(Source / 01.12.2017)

Hours After Illegal Colonists Killed One Palestinian; Israeli Soldiers Injure Many Palestinians, One Seriously, Colonists Attack Ambulance

30 NOV
11:26 PM

Dozens of Israeli colonists and soldiers invaded, on Thursday at night, the village of Qusra, south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus, before the army shot and seriously wounded one Palestinian, and injured many others, while the colonists smashed the front shield and one of the windows of a Palestinian ambulance, wounding the driver in his eye.

Media sources in Nablus said the colonists infiltrated into the eastern neighborhood of Qusra, and attacked many Palestinians, leading to clashes.

They added that dozens of soldiers also invaded the village, and fired live rounds, rubber-coated steel bullets and gas bombs, before evacuating the colonists from the area.

Ahmad Jibril, the spokesperson of the Red Crescent Society in Nablus, said the colonists smashed the front shield and one of the windows of one of its ambulances, wounding the driver in his eye.

Jibril added that Red Crescent medics also moved one Palestinian, who was shot with a live round in his pelvis, to a hospital in Nablus, adding that the man is in a critical condition.

The soldiers also invaded ‘Aseera al-Qibliyya nearby town, and clashed with many Palestinians, before firing live rounds, gas bombs and rubber-coated steel bullets at them.

The Red Crescent identified the injuries among the Palestinians as:

  • Two were shot with live rounds in the pelvis, and the leg, and were moved to Rafidia hospital.
  • Two were shot with rubber-coated steel bullets, and received treatment by the medics.
  • Two were assaulted and beaten by soldiers and colonists.
  • Ambulance driver wounded in his eye.
  • Scores of Palestinians suffered the effects of teargas inhalation.

The Israeli escalation started after illegal colonists shot and killed one Palestinian farmer, identified as Mahmoud Za’al Odeh, 46, from Qusra.

The attack was carried out by approximately 20 settlers who came from the illegal “Yesh Kod” outpost, which was built on private Palestinian lands, and assaulted the Palestinian and his family, before one of them shot him in the chest.

(Source / 01.12.2017)

HNC Calls on UN to Pressure Assad Regime to Implement Political Transition

The Syrian opposition’s High Negotiations Committee’s (HNC) delegation to Geneva talks met foreign diplomats and representatives of friendly countries on Thursday to discuss the latest developments of the ongoing negotiating process in Geneva.

Head of HNC delegation to the talks, Nasr al-Hariri, said that the Syrian opposition is fully prepared to enter into direct negotiations with the Assad regime. He called upon the United Nations to ratchet up pressure on the Assad regime to seriously engage in the political process as soon as possible and to implement international resolutions to bring about a political transition in Syria.

Hariri pointed out that the Syrian opposition has a unified delegation representing all spectra of the opposition, stressing that “the game of oppositions being played by the regime must stop.”

Hariri thanked all the guests as he urged them to make greater efforts to push forward the political process to implement UN Security Council resolutions 2118 and 2254 and prevent the regime from trying to undermine the political process.

Spokesman for the HNC’s delegation, Yahya Aridi, said that the Assad regime continues to circumvent the political process and use violence against civilians, especially in the Damascus suburb of eastern Ghouta where hundreds of civilians have been killed and injured in recent weeks.

Aridi pointed out that putting and end to these crimes is the responsibility of everyone, stressing that respecting the cease-fire, stopping the bombardment and the delivery of humanitarian assistance to those in need as well as lifting the siege of the besieged areas are the pathway to achieve a political solution.

The foreign diplomats and representatives of friendly countries congratulated HNC members for succeeding in forming a unified delegation. They pointed out that their hard work with the UN team in the current round of talks will benefit the Syrian people and their demands for freedom, dignity and democracy.

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department / 01.12.2017)

Israel army reduces Palestinian house to rubble in Qabatiya

House to rubble

The Israeli occupation army at dawn Friday demolished a house belonging to the family of Palestinian prisoner Mohamed Abul-Rab in Qabatiya town, south of Jenin in the West Bank, as a punitive measure for its son’s killing of an Israeli settler last October.

Local sources told the Palestinian Information Center (PIC) that a large number of Israeli soldiers aboard military vehicles and one bulldozer entered the neghibhrood where the house of the prisoner’s father is located and cordoned off the area.

They added that some soldiers were deployed on rooftops of nearby homes before the bulldozers embarked on knocking down the house.

Consequently, some young men tried to obstruct the demolition of the house and hurled stones at the soldiers, who responded by firing tear gas and rubber bullets.

Several young men and citizens inside homes suffered from inhaling tear gas during the events and one sustained a rubber bullet injury.

Meanwhile, the Israeli military force stormed nearby homes and assaulted its residents during its presence in the neighborhood.

Ziyad Abul-Rab, Mohamad’s father, said the Israeli military authorities had informed his son’s lawyer that the family must leave their home prior to its demolition.

The father said that prior to this notification the high Israeli court had rejected a plea submitted by the lawyer against the intended demolition.

His son was convicted by an Israeli court of murdering an Israeli settler in the Arab town of Kafr Qasem, in central Israel, in early October.

(Source / 01.12.2017)

IOF raids 2 towns in Qalqilya, abuses prisoner’s family

Kafr Thuluth

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) at dawn Friday assaulted a Palestinian prisoner’s family in Kafr Thuluth town to the east of Qalqilya city in the northern West Bank.

Local sources told the PIC reporter that IOF soldiers broke into the home of detainee Khaled Ismail, who was arrested by the IOF on Wednesday, and assaulted his family members after wreaking havoc in the house.

In the same context, IOF troops after midnight Thursday stormed Azzoun town near Qalqilya and took photos of several houses and shops in al-Muthalath and al-Hara al-Shamiya neighborhoods.

(Source / 01.12.2017)

IOA to legalize wastewater treatment plant built on private land


The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) is trying to retroactively legalize a sewage treatment facility near the illegal settlement of Ofra in Ramallah that was built illegally on private Palestinian land.

According to Haaretz news website, the current official effort to legalize the plant may get a boost from a recent legal opinion issued by attorney general Avichai Mandelblit allowing the expropriation of private Palestinian land for infrastructure that would serve only Israelis.

The sewage facility was built without permits and two chairmen of the Mateh Binyamin Regional Council were fined after they admitted that they had advanced its construction through a land grab.

However, a legal opinion from the West Bank legal adviser could allow for the expropriation of the land, Haaretz said.

Steps to advance the plan will be discussed at a meeting of a subcommittee of the Israeli army’s civil administration planning committee on December 6.

A security source familiar with the details told Haaretz that the plan is at an advanced stage and is expected to be approved.

The land would need to be formally expropriated and then building permits would be issued retroactively, the website affirmed.

(Source / 01.12.2017)

IOF launches large-scale combing operation in al-Khalil

al-Khalil combing operation

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) along with Israeli police and Special Forces on Friday morning carried out a large-scale combing operation in Jabal al-Khalil area in the southern West Bank.

According to Quds Press, the IOF operation was aimed at looking for Palestinian resistance fighters who carried out, on Thursday evening, an anti-occupation stabbing attack in Arad town in the Negev area, south of 1948 Occupied Palestine resulting in the death of an Israeli soldier.

(Source / 01.12.2017)