West Bank lawyers call for PA to be accountable under the law

Palestinian policemen

The Palestinian Bar Association held a protest on Tuesday in front of the Palestinian Authority offices in Ramallah and called for the authority to be accountable under the law of the land, Safa news agency has reported.

The protest was arranged following the kidnap of a lawyer from within a courtroom in Nablus a few weeks ago. It is believed that the kidnappers were PA security officers working undercover.

Despite a large security presence, dozens of lawyers took part in the demonstration. A message was submitted to PA Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah, voicing the lawyers’ opposition to the detention of their colleagues, including Mohamed Hussein, the latest victim of PA injustice.

The protesters called for the PA to respect the law of the land and the courts, and demanded more freedom in the occupied West Bank. This is not the first protest that has been held since the “unprecedented” kidnapping of Hussein.

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(Source / 29.11.2017)

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