Israeli former war minister boasts about killing Palestinians

Ya'alon Herzliya

Israel’s former war minister, Moshe Ya’alon, in a symposium in Herzliya city on Saturday said that he has killed in his life more “terrorists”, referring to Arabs and Palestinians, than any other Israeli official in the Knesset or the government.

Ya’alon in his speech asked Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to resign over corruption charges leveled against him lately, al-Jazeera reported.

The former war minister led the Israeli force that assassinated Khalil al-Wazir, the commander of the Palestine Liberation Organizations’ armed wing, inside his house in Tunisia.

Former Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Barak, had also boasted in the past about killing the largest number of Arabs in the Israeli army’s history.

(Source / 26.11.2017)

3,613 Palestinians killed in Syria since 2011: NGO

Broken buildings can be seen after an air strike hit Syria

More than 1,642 Palestinian refugees, including 105 women, remain in detention in Syria

A total of 3,613 Palestinians have been killed in Syria since the outbreak of the country’s civil war in 2011, according to a London-based NGO.

In a statement released Thursday, the Action Group for Palestinians of Syria (AGPS) said 463 women were among the victims.

The group said more than 1,642 Palestinian refugees, including 105 women, remain in detention by the Syrian regime authorities.

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According to the NGO, some 204 Palestinian refugees died due to the lack of nutrition and medical care.

Approximately 85,000 Palestinian refugees fled Syria to Europe by the end of 2016, the group said.


According to UN estimates, around 450,000 Palestinian refugees still live in war-torn Syria.

Established in 2012, AGPS is a human rights watchdog that monitors the situation of Palestinian refugees in war-torn Syria.

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The country fell into a devastating civil war in 2011 when the Assad al-Assad regime cracked down on pro-democracy protests with unexpected ferocity.

Since then, hundreds of thousands of people have been killed in the fighting and more than 10 million displaced, according to the UN.

(Source / 26.11.2017)

The ‘deal of the century’ struck between reckless leaders

One of the issues, which had been taken widely with discussions since the start of Trump’s term, is the “deal of the century.” It might and might not deserve this discussion. Let’s see!

The “deal of the century” is the mystery phrase used amid the ongoing tension in the Middle East. It seems that this “deal” is so secretive that there are those who believe it is a delusion that will never get off the ground. Meanwhile, others confirm that arrangements have already been made and that the deal will surface in a matter of time, which will impose widespread Arab subjugation to the Israeli concept of a political agreement to end the Palestinian cause.

Any concern regarding such vague projects is justified. How else should we feel when the person who is supposedly the sponsor of the alleged new project, US President Donald Trump, boasts that he is the only person who can resolve the chronic crises in the region? He does so in his own way, using big sticks to force US allies and partners, before the fearful followers, to surrender to the plan.

The White House is well aware that the leaders of the Arab world are currently panicking over their fate and the future of their regimes. They are possessed by fear of their own people and rivals. Some of those who live in fancy palaces are throwing a reckless party full of surprises before the eyes of the world, and do not hesitate to sacrifice the rights of the Palestinians in order to guarantee US support for themselves. This wild state has pushed many of them towards actions that lack any rational, strategic logic. They do not care about the extortionate price to be paid for external political cover from the West for their authoritarian rule based not on the will of the people, but on security domination and empty promises. They compete to gain the pleasure of Washington and European capitals.

If it ever does get off the ground, the “deal of the century” between the Israelis and Arabs will establish a state subjugating the people to the power of tyrannical regimes. Rulers isolated in their palaces are counting on pleasing Western capitals by means of cooperating blindly with the Israelis and promises of “bold religious reforms”. They will also continue to talk a lot about “combatting terrorism and extremism” in order to receive Western praise.

Hence, it is no surprise for the Arab tyrants to get closer to Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing extremist government in Israel, with complete disregard for their own people, who have not been consulted about such “normalisation” of relations or possible agreements and effects. The people will have a fait accompli imposed on them by their rulers. Meanwhile, the Palestinian people, their inalienable rights and central cause in the region will be neglected with the launch of negotiations; these will be a formality, with optimistic smiles flashed at a new handshaking ceremony.

Concern is also justified because previous deals between Arabs and successive Israeli governments over the past four decades have not achieved justice. Instead, they have helped sustain and prolong the occupation, and strengthen its presence, while continuing to deprive the Palestinian people of their basic rights and ensuring Israeli military, political and economic domination.

In order to pass such a “deal” the will of the Arab people whose governments decide to go along with this new charade must be repressed. The people must be prohibited from expressing any doubts regarding the adopted approaches. What we are witnessing on the ground reinforces this; the Arab world is passing through a phase of tyranny and oppression. This is accompanied by a widespread retreat of the gains made in terms of media freedoms. The authorities dreaming of the “deal of the century” are currently dominating private media outlets and imposing specific content on social networks by means of strict laws to deter anyone from going against the official narrative, or even hinting thereat. These authorities have also recruited “electronic armies” to flood networks with propaganda around the clock in favour of the ruler and government, seemingly as if the people are with them and all that they do.

Indicators suggest that the “deal of the century”, whether real or not, is a game of manipulation in this volatile region. It does not involve openness, transparency and respect for international law or basic rights. The result, in the best case scenario, will not be peace, but rather the exacerbation of existing crises and the explosion of issues that are bubbling under the surface.

Such a deal will only take place by pressuring the weak Palestinian leadership and forcing it to hide its pain in the face of what is being imposed on it and the region as a whole. It is clear that the pressure has already started, as evidenced by the American measure to close the PLO office in the US.

Ultimately, it would be delusional to assume that such a project, agreed upon between arrogant and reckless leaders like Trump, Netanyahu and some Arabs, would actually succeed in achieving what a century of projects and deals in the region has failed to do. Simply calling it the “deal of the century” does not make it so. Such projects and deals overlook fundamental facts in the region, the first of which is that there is a living nation promoting their cause and they have not decided to comply with tyrannical demands; the Palestinian nation will not surrender.

(Source / 26.11.2017)

Saudi Crown Prince: Biggest Danger of Terrorism is Distorting the Name of Islam

Saudi Crown Prince and Ministers of Defense during the inauguration of meeting of IMCTC Ministers of Defense Council

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Deputy Premier and Minister of Defense opened on Sunday the inaugural meeting of the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC) Ministers of Defense Council under the slogan “Allied Against Terrorism” with participation of the ministers of Defense of the Islamic State’s Coalition and international delegations.

The meeting marks the official launch of the IMCTC which will discuss the fight against the financing of terrorism and the identification of future mechanisms and frameworks that will guide the efforts of Islamic countries to eliminate terrorism, and unifying efforts to maintain international peace and security.

The Crown Prince said in his inauguration speech that the biggest threat of terrorism is the distortion it has imposed on Islam.

The prince also highlighted that today more than 40 Islamic countries strongly reaffirm their commitment to cooperate in the fight against terrorism.

“IMCTC members have gathered in Riyadh to pledge to do all that we can until terrorism is uprooted and is erased from the face of the Earth” the Crown Prince said.

He also sent his condolences to the brothers in Egypt for the attack in Sinai.

IMCTC has established the Counter Terrorism Center as its operational arm. The Center’s mission is to build up the member country’s Counter Terrorism capacity, exchange global best practice on specific IMCTC initiatives and create coordinated efforts across the four IMCTC domains; ideology, communications, counter terrorist financing, and military.

Two years ago in December 2015, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced the formation of the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC) to form a unified Pan-Islamic front against terrorism and to reinforce solidarity and collaboration among coalition member countries to present a unified front against terrorist organizations trying to tarnish the name of Islam.

(Source / 26.11.2017)

Britain to Contribute £20 Million to Palestinian Budget

26 NOV
8:53 AM

Britain has agreed to pay its annual contribution of 20 million pounds to support the Palestinian budget, part of which will go to education as proof of its support for the development of the education sector, Minister of Education Sabri Saydam said. on Saturday.

This came during a telephone call Saydam received on Friday from British Minister of State for International Development and Minister of State for the Middle East at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office Alistair Burt.

Saydam said, according to WAFA, that the continued support of education by donor countries demonstrates the high level and confidence in the Palestinian educational system and its ability to achieve qualitative results.

He stressed the importance of continuing this kind of support for education, particularly in the areas that contribute to strengthening the educational system, pointing out that such support serves development goals and ministry plans for advancement especially after the recent first meeting for donors and international partners for education in Gaza, which recommended paying greater attention to the education sector in the Gaza Strip.

(Source / 26.11.2017)

5-day drills to be launched by Israeli army across occupied Palestine

Drills 5-day

The Israeli occupation forces are expected to carry out a round of military maneuvers as of Sunday across the occupied Palestinian territories.

The Israeli army spokesman said in a Saturday statement the projected drills come as part of an earlier plan to uphold the army’s vigilance and aptitude.

Warplanes will also keep flying over the territory as part of the maneuvers.

On November 11, two-week drills were carried out by the Israeli army in anticipation of alleged attacks by the Islamic Jihad Movement in response to an earlier Israeli strike on a resistance site that took away the lives of 12 Palestinian fighters.

Another round of drills was carried out by the occupation forces in the Jordan Valley and the Golan Heights, in what observers dubbed a move heralding a projected Israeli escalation in the region.

(Source / 26.11.2017)

Resistance fighters attack Israeli army post east of Qalqilya

Resistance fighters

“A watchtower in occupied West Bank”
Anonymous Gunmen, believed to be from the Palestinian resistance, on Saturday night opened fire at an Israeli military watchtower in an area near Azzun town, east of Qalqilya city in the occupied West Bank.

Local sources told the Palestinian Information Center (PIC) that the Israeli occupation army intensified the presence of its forces around the besieged town of Azzun following the gunfire attack on a watchtower in al-Mendar area.

The sources affirmed that the Israeli army tightened its measure at the checkpoints it had established over one week ago on all roads leading to the town and launched dawn raids on Palestinian homes.

They said that local citizens were brutalized by Israeli soldiers during violent raids at dawn Sunday on several homes in Azzun town.

The presence of many illegal settlements and outposts in the area has become a source of constant tension and suffering for the  local population, while the Israeli army persists in taking mass punitive measures against them following any stone-throwing or Molotov cocktail attack on soldiers or settlers.

(Source / 26.11.2017)

IOF storms east of Nablus to renovate Joseph’s Tomb

Renovate Joseph's Tomb

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at dawn Sunday stormed the eastern area of Nablus city in the West Bank and carried out renovation works in the mausoleum of Joseph’s Tomb.

Eyewitnesses said that over 10 military vehicles along with trucks carrying construction materials arrived at Joseph’s Tomb after midnight.

They expressed their belief that the construction materials would be used to renovate the mausoleum. However, they did not state if the soldiers themselves would carry out the repairs or there were settlers or workmen with them.

Israeli troops and settlers storm every week the eastern area of Nablus to perform rituals at the tomb, which they think is the resting-place of the biblical patriarch Joseph, while locals and Palestinian historians affirm that the grave belongs to a local medieval Muslim Sheikh called Yousef al-Duwaik.

(Source / 26.11.2017)

IOF detains ambulance, arrests injured Palestinian youth in al-Khalil

Detaines ambulance

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Sunday detained a Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance that was transferring an injured Palestinian youth to the hospital.

The PIC reporter said that the ambulance was called to al-Arroub refugee camp in al-Khalil after a Palestinian youth was injured in the clashes that broke out between Palestinian youths and the IOF soldiers in the area.

He added that the car, while transferring the injured youth to Bethlehem Hospital, was stopped and detained at Gush Etzion junction.

Palestinian medical sources reported that the youth was arrested and taken to an unknown destination despite being injured with a live bullet in the thigh.

(Source / 26.11.2017)

Israeli municipality notifies demolition of Jerusalemite facilities

Demo orders al-Isawiya

Crews from the Israeli-controlled Jerusalem municipality on Sunday distributed demolition orders against a number of Palestinian structures in al-Isawiya village to the northeast of Occupied Jerusalem.

The Palestinian activist, Mohammed Abu al-Hummus, said that the Israeli crews, accompanied by a military force, stormed the village and notified the demolition of two residential buildings and a barn.

Abu al-Hummus told Quds Press that the municipality crews took photos of some residential and commercial facilities and handed summonses to a number of al-Isawiya residents, pointing out that such practices are witnessed in the village on a daily basis.

The Israeli municipality on Saturday forced a Jerusalemite citizen to demolish his own house in Umm Tuba town to the south of Occupied Jerusalem for allegedly being unlicensed.

The Jerusalemite citizen Jamal Abu Teir told Quds Press that the municipality notified him on Thursday of the demolition of his house that was built two years ago on an area of 40 square meters.

Abu Teir said that he found himself forced to raze his house with his own hands to avoid paying the demolition expenses which may amount to 40,000 shekels.

(Source / 26.11.2017)