Israeli police step up crackdowns on Palestinians’ movement in Salfit

Cracked down Salfit

The Israeli police on Thursday morning sealed off the access road to the occupied West Bank province of Salfit with a makeshift checkpoint, blocking Palestinians’ free movement.

Speaking with the Palestinian Information Center, eyewitnesses said Israeli police troops pitched a flying checkpoint at the northern entrance to Salfit and cracked down on Palestinian civilians.

The Israeli cops also stopped Palestinian vehicles at the abruptly-pitched checkpoint and subjected the drivers to steep fines.

Palestinian civilians attempting to reach their workplaces or on their way back home have been denied access out of and into the area. Dozens have been forced to cross rock-strewn roads as they were left with no other alternatives to reach their destinations.

The checkpoint makes part of routine crackdowns by the Israeli forces on Palestinians’ free movement in an attempt to sever ties between Palestinian communities across the occupied West Bank.

(Source / 09.11.2017)

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