Israel minister attacks civil servant who backs Palestinian right of return

Israeli Minister of Transportation and Intelligence Yisrael Katz [File photo]

Israel’s Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz has demanded the dismissal of a civil servant who supports the Palestinian right of return, according to Haaretz.

Makbula Nassar, a Palestinian citizen of Israel, is responsible for the National Road Safety Authority’s information campaigns in Arabic.

Following an article by Israel Hayom about Nassar’s political activism, Katz responded: “Someone active in anti-Zionist Palestinian organisations and blatantly acting against Israel’s existence isn’t worthy of an educational and informational role for Israel in such an important area as road safety.”

The statement also demanded that “a legal way has to be found to immediately terminate the new employee’s employment at the National Road Safety Authority”.

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Katz’s attack prompted a petition by a number of Arab reporters and public figures.

Dismissal based on politics is improper and worthy of condemnation, and is not to be accepted in a democratic society that should revere values of freedom of expression and pluralism

it states.

Joint List head Ayman Odeh also backed Nassar: “Israel Hayom has crossed another red line in its persecution of the Arab community when it began a witch hunt against an Arab citizen of the country whose only crime was that she has a political consciousness and views.”

According to Haaretz, “on instructions from the National Road Safety Authority, Nassar declined to respond to the Israel Hayom article, but friends who have been in contact with her said her employers are backing her because proper procedures were followed in hiring her.”

(Source / 09.11.2017)

Palestinians in Gaza mark 10 years of internal divisions

Thousands of Palestinians come together to commemorate the 13th anniversary of President Yasser Arafat’s death

Thousands of Palestinians come together to commemorate the 13th anniversary of President Yasser Arafat’s death [Mohammed Asad/Middle East Monitor]

Thousands of Palestinians commemorated the 13th anniversary of President Yasser Arafat’s death and the tenth anniversary of the death of the victims of the Palestinian division in an event organised by the National Islamic Commission for Development and Social Solidarity (Takaful), led by dismissed Fatah official, Muhammad Dahlan. The event was held in Al-Kutaiba Square in Gaza.

Hamas officials, including Khalil Al-Hayya, Salah Bardawil and figures from all the political factions, attended the event.

The attendees held up Palestinian, Emirati and Egyptian flags, as well as pictures of the late Arafat along with images of Dahlan and Fatah flags.

In a speech at the event, Majed Abu Shammaleh said that the Cairo agreement reached in July “has laid the foundation for a true national reconciliation that turned the black page of history by ending the nation’s most dangerous and sensitive issue, i.e. societal reconciliation.”

Hamas: We are keen on the reconciliation and will not abandon the resistance

He considered the reconciliation not only to be the handing over of ministries and crossings, but also the activation of the three authorities’ role in a manner focusing on partnership and a lack of exclusion.

On his part, senior Hamas official Al-Hayya called for the formation of a national unity government and holding elections in order to break away from the current Palestinian situation.

“We want a national unity government that carries out its national responsibilities. We want to hold elections and we want all the Palestinians in the diaspora, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip to feel the reconciliation,” he said.


Al-Hayya added: “My dear people, you must prepare yourselves to head to the ballot boxes. This is the true test for our constants and freedom. We want to end this national situation, which does not please our friends, but rather our foes.”

He noted that the national reconciliation must occur on the basis of partnership and joint work, not monopolisation and the marginalisation and exclusion of any party.

(Source / 09.11.2017)

Army Injures A Child, Abducts A Young Man, Near Ramallah

09 NOV
9:59 PM

Israeli soldiers invaded, on Thursday evening, the village of Nabi Saleh, northwest of the central West Bank city of Ramallah, shot and injured one child and abducted a young man.

Media sources said the soldiers fired live rounds, rubber-coated steel bullets and gas bombs at many youngsters, who protested the invasion.

They added that one child was shot with rubber-coated bullets in the lower part of his body, and was moved to a nearby hospital.

Furthermore, the soldiers abducted a young man, and took him to an unknown destination.

The incidents took place after several army jeeps invaded Nabi Saleh and attacked dozens of Palestinians commemorating the thirteenth anniversary of the death of late President Yasser Arafat.

In related news, the soldiers closed a military roadblock near Ya’bad town, southwest of the northern West Bank city of Jenin, for more than four hours, reportedly after local youths hurled stones at them.

The soldiers then detained two children while walking nearby, and held them for several hours.

(Source / 09.11.2017)

Israeli Soldiers Prevent Hebron Schools From Commemorating Late President Arafat

09 NOV
11:17 AM

Dozens of Israeli soldiers surrounded many, Thursday, schools in the Old City of Hebron, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank, and prevented students and staffers from entering them, in an attempt to stop planned commemorations of late Palestinian President Yasser Arafat.

Aref Jaber, a local human rights activist, said dozens of soldiers surrounded a school, near Keryat Arba’ illegal colony, before preventing students, their families and teachers from entering it.

He added that the Palestinians eventually managed to enter the school, despite the extensive military deployment.

The soldiers also surrounded the al-Hajiriya School, and Hebron Elementary School, in the southern area of Hebron city, prevented the students from entering them, and fired many gas bombs, causing many Palestinians, mainly children, to suffer the effects of teargas inhalation.

(Source / 09.11.2017)

Factions: 2005 agreement on Rafah crossing is no longer valid

2005 agreement crossing

Prominent Palestinian factions on Wednesday said that “the 2005 agreement on the Rafah border crossing is expired and no longer valid, and its reinstatement would violate the national sovereignty and bring the Palestinians back to the foreign mandate.”

In a press release on Wednesday, the factions emphasized that the Rafah crossing is a Palestinian-Egyptian border passageway and there should be a common formula agreed upon by all parties to run it.

They added that their upcoming meeting to be held soon in Cairo must be a comprehensive and responsible national conference, based on the 2011 national consensus agreement that was signed in Cairo.

The factions also stressed the importance of accepting the principle of full partnership, especially with regard to joining any national institution, and ending the security coordination with Israel in accordance with the 2011 Cairo agreement and the resolutions issued in 2015 by the Central Council of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

The press release was issued by the Hamas Movement, the Islamic Jihad Movement, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Palestine Liberation Front, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command, As-Sa’iqa Organization, the National Initiative Movement, and Palestinian Democratic Union.

(Source / 09.11.2017)

Israeli police step up crackdowns on Palestinians’ movement in Salfit

Cracked down Salfit

The Israeli police on Thursday morning sealed off the access road to the occupied West Bank province of Salfit with a makeshift checkpoint, blocking Palestinians’ free movement.

Speaking with the Palestinian Information Center, eyewitnesses said Israeli police troops pitched a flying checkpoint at the northern entrance to Salfit and cracked down on Palestinian civilians.

The Israeli cops also stopped Palestinian vehicles at the abruptly-pitched checkpoint and subjected the drivers to steep fines.

Palestinian civilians attempting to reach their workplaces or on their way back home have been denied access out of and into the area. Dozens have been forced to cross rock-strewn roads as they were left with no other alternatives to reach their destinations.

The checkpoint makes part of routine crackdowns by the Israeli forces on Palestinians’ free movement in an attempt to sever ties between Palestinian communities across the occupied West Bank.

(Source / 09.11.2017)

PA security elements kidnap lawyer from court in Nablus

Lawyer arrested

Elements from the Palestinian Authority (PA) security forces on Wednesday afternoon arrested lawyer Mohamed Hussein from inside the magistrate court in the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

Eyewitnesses reported that plain-clothes security officers kidnapped lawyer Hussein from the judges’ room and brutally beat him in full view of the court judge and employees.

Consequently, other lawyers staged a sit-in inside the court, demanding the immediate release of their colleague.

(Source / 09.11.2017)

IOF kidnaps six Palestinians from homes in W. Bank

Kidnapped from home

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at dawn Thursday kidnapped six Palestinian citizens during raids on homes in Jenin and Tulkarem, north of the West Bank.

In Jenin, dozens of Israeli soldiers stormed neighborhoods in Qabatiya town and kidnapped four young men from their homes.

The detainees were identified as Jawad Kamil, Mustafa Zakarneh, Mahmoud Zakarneh and Ahmed Abul-Rub.

An Israeli military force also stormed Ya’bad town, south of Jenin, and set up a makeshift checkpoint at its main entrance, with no reported arrests.

In Tulkarem, the IOF kidnapped two Palestinians during raids on homes in the city and its refugee camp.

(Source / 09.11.2017)

Gaza: Gov’t reinstates 10 civil servants at Karam Abu Salem crossing

Reinstate servants

The Palestinian government has decided to reinstate a group of civil servants at the Karam Abu Salem commercial crossing after removing them from their jobs recently.

In press remarks to Quds Press, deputy minister of finance Awni al-Basha said that his ministry allowed 10 civil servants who used to work at the Karam Abu Salem crossing to get back their positions permanently.

At the beginning of the current month, the government had removed all civil servants and security personnel from their jobs at the Gaza border crossings and replaced them with other employees.

Those who worked at the crossing, however, were transferred to other government departments in Gaza, according to a statement released previously by the interior ministry.

The government of Rami al-Hamdallah was handed over the administration of Gaza gradually following the reconciliation agreement that was signed last month between Hamas and Fatah in Cairo.

(Source / 09.11.2017)

IOF soldiers assault Palestinian schoolchildren

Assaulting schoolchildren

Violent clashes broke out on Thursday afternoon in al-Khalil’s Old City between Palestinian students and Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF).

The PIC field reporter said that the confrontation erupted when nearly 200 Israeli soldiers surrounded Zied Jaber primary school as they were looking for students allegedly involved in stone-throwing attacks.

The students threw stones and empty bottles during the clashes, while IOF soldiers responded by firing teargas bombs at the schoolboys, injuring many of them.

At least five students were moved to hospital for treatment.

The nearby Khadija Bint Khuwailid primary school was also subjected to a similar attack after IOF soldiers forced the schoolgirls to leave their classes before completing their school day.

Meanwhile, the Israeli occupation authorities decided to close the Ibrahimi Mosque and the entrance to the Old City from Friday afternoon till next Sunday.

(Source / 09.11.2017)