Palestinian woman undergoes medical surgery in Israeli custody

Hulwa Hamamrah

The Palestinian female prisoner Hulwa Hamamrah, 26, has undergone a surgery in her hand after suffering fractures after falling from her bed in HaSharon prison.

Palestine center for prisoners’ studies affirmed that Hamamrah had broken a bone in her hand after she fell from an upper bunk bed.

She was transferred to hospital where she underwent a surgery. She is still suffering from an injury she sustained during her detention two years ago.

Hamamrah, from Husan town south of Bethlehem, was jailed to six years plus a fine of 4,000 shekels in total disregard to her difficult health situation.

Hamamrah, a mother of a 3-year-old girl, was denied family visits for long months.

(Source / 01.11.2017)

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