Hezbollah condemns Israeli attack on Gaza tunnel

Criminal aggression

Hezbollah on Tuesday strongly denounced the Israeli “criminal” aggression that targeted one of the Gaza tunnels on Monday and left a number of martyrs.

Expressing solidarity with Hamas and the Islamic Jihad movements, Hezbollah in a statement described the US continued support for the Israeli repeated aggressions as a complete participation in besieging the people of the Gaza Strip.

The statement stressed that Hezbollah is confident this crime will not dissuade the Palestinian resistance movements from continuing their fight to liberate the Palestinian land and protect their people.

Hezbollah said that this new attack confirms the “barbaric and criminal nature” of the Israeli occupation, slamming some parties that deal with Israel as a friend of Arabs and attempt to normalize relations with it.

Seven Palestinian resistance fighters were killed and 13 were injured in an Israeli bombing of a resistance tunnel east of Khan Younis city in the southern Gaza Strip. Bodies of other victims have not been found yet.

(Source / 31.10.2017)

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