Palestinian MP sent to Israeli prison without trial

MPRazaq arrested

The Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) on Sunday sentenced the Palestinian MP Omar Abdul Razaq to administrative detention, with neither charge nor trial.

Abdul Razaq’s son, Muhammed, said on Facebook that the IOA sentenced his father to a four-month administrative prison term.

MP Abdul Razaq, who served as a finance minister following the 2006 national elections, was kidnapped by the Israeli occupation forces on Sunday, July 23, from his family home in Salfit. He had spent over nine years in Israeli lock-ups.

13 other Palestinian detainees had been subjected to administrative sentences on Sunday.

According to lawyer Ashraf Abu Esneineh, from the prisoners and ex-prisoners committee, 13 prisoners received administrative terms ranging between three and six months.

At least 6,500 Palestinian detainees are incarcerated in 22 Israeli penitentiaries across the occupied Palestinian territories, among whom 56 female detainees, 350 children, 12 MPs, and some 500 administrative detainees.

(Source / 31.07.2017)

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