IOA cuts off water supplies to 13 communities southeast of Nablus

Cut off water pipeline southeast Nablus

Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) cut off a water pipeline that supplies 13 Palestinian communities southeast of Nablus city, claiming that water does not reach the settlement outpost of Magdulim. This has affected 50,000 Palestinians in that district.

Chairman of the Joint Services Council, Mustafa Dawabsha, told Quds Press on Saturday that the water pipeline started to operate only four days ago following an Israeli-Palestinian agreement. The IOA closure of the pipeline was meant to provide water for only five Jewish families living in the settlement outpost, he highlighted.

The 13 Palestinian communities need 6,000 cubic meters of water. However, available quantities of water are only 2,400 cubic meters. He called for exerting local and international efforts in order to find a solution to the water crisis and to pressure the IOA to reopen the waterline.

In a statement on Thursday, Observatory of Social and Economic Policies warned of a health and environmental disaster in the Palestinian areas which suffer drinking water cut-off.

(Source / 10.06.2017)

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