Israeli police complete sealing Jabal Mukabbir home with concrete

Huis Jabal al-Mukabbir

Israeli police forces stormed the occupied Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabal al-Mukabbir on Thursday for the second day to complete sealing Fadi Qanbar’s home with concrete.

Earlier on Wednesday, Israeli police closed the first floor of the house after pouring concrete inside it after arresting Fadi’s father and brother.

On Thursday, the police re-stormed the neighborhood in large numbers and surrounded the house before closing its second floor with concrete.

Israeli forces have repeatedly raided the home in recent weeks threatening to demolish it, most recently last week when cement mixers were brought in, though the forces later retreated from the area after apparently having difficulty accessing the home, according to witnesses.

Fadi Qanbar was shot dead by Israeli forces in January after he allegedly drove a truck into a group of Israeli soldiers.

(Source / 23.03.2017)

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