Tension flares up in Balata refugee camp east of Nablus

Balata spanningen lopen op

Tension prevailed on Monday afternoon in Balata refugee camp east of Nablus city after a PA security forces officer was killed early morning during a security arrest operation.

Eyewitnesses told the PIC reporter that masked men closed al-Quds and al-Zeyout two adjacent streets to the camp. They used torched rubber tires and garbage containers in order to close the two roads.

Meanwhile, violent clashes erupted between dozens of armed citizens from the camp and the PA security soldiers who showered citizens with tear gas bombs.

Sounds of intensive shooting were heard in the vicinity of the camp. The youths, however, took to the camp’s streets and chanted angry slogans against the Mayor of Nablus Akram al-Rujoub and Commander of the National Security Forces Nidal Abu Dukhan, the eyewitnesses added.

A PA security forces member died of his wounds sustained in the overnight gunfight between the PA forces and armed citizens in Balata camp while trying to arrest a wanted man called Ahmad Abu Hamada who was seriously injured in the same incident.

Another member of PA security forces suffered bullet injuries in the armed clashes that broke out on Sunday night in Balata refugee camp.

(Source / 20.03.2017)

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