Report: Hostilities force Palestinian families out of Yarmouk Basin


The action group for Palestinians of Syria revealed that dozens of Palestinian and Syrian families sheltered in Yarmouk Basin, in Deraa’s western outskirts, fled the area for fear of being killed in the simmering hostilities between ISIS militias and the opposition outfits.

ISIS-affiliated Khaled Ibn al-Walid brigade held sway over Yarmouk Basin territories, including Tseil, Jileen, Sahem, and Tel al-Jomou’, following clashes rocking the area over the past ten days.

Most of those displaced from the area have sought refuge in Yarmouk River while others fled to al-Muzeireeb, Zizoun, and Amouriya. Other families have been stranded in ISIS-led areas.

At the same time, a number of Palestinian families have been taking cover at local schools and mosques after they had gone homeless.

Over recent months, hundreds of displaced Palestinians have been sheltered in the Syrian-Libyan dairy farm, near Jilin town, having no other place to run to. Palestinians taking refuge in southern Syria have been enduring abject living conditions.

The situation has gone downhill due to the sharp decline in relief aids. Located some 25 kilometers way from northwestern Deraa city center, Jileen Camp is home to 500 families, mostly displaced from northern 1948 Occupied Palestine (Green Line), the occupied West Bank, and the blockaded Gaza Strip. Meanwhile, Tseil town, northwest of Deraa, provides provisional housing to some 120 Palestinian families.

(Source / 03.03.2017)

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