Hariri: Assad Regime Committing War Crimes in Dara’a as Local Councils Reiterate Support for HNC

Head of the opposition High Negotiations Committee’s (HNC) delegation to Geneva talks Nasr al-Hariri said that regime forces and the Iranian-backed militias continue to commit the most heinous war crimes against civilians in Dara’a province.

Hariri was speaking during a teleconference between members of the HNC delegation and representatives of local councils and activists in Dara’a. The conferees discussed the situation in the province which has been subjected to intensified brutal attacks by the Assad regime forces and the Iranian-backed militias.

Hariri told the conferees that the HNC’s delegation discussed the issue of political transition with the UN envoy Staffan de Mistura. He noted that the Assad regime is seeking to sabotage negotiations because it is the primary beneficiary of the continuing chaos and with the aim of continuing with its massacres and war crimes, especially the besiegement and the starvation of the civilian population.

Representatives of the local councils and activists in Dara’a highlighted the tragic situation being suffered by the civilian population in the province as a result of constant bombardment and continued attacks by regime forces and their allied foreign militias. They pointed out that the neighborhood of Manshiyaa is still being subjected to ferocious, systematic bombardment by regime forces.

The representatives and activists reiterated their full support for the HNC delegation and its demands for achieving full political transition in accordance with the international resolutions, including UN Security Council resolutions 2118 and 2254.

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department / 03.03.2017)

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