Opposition Negotiation Delegation Meets with Friends of Syria Group to Discuss Geneva Talks

The opposition’s negotiation delegation to Geneva talks met with representatives of countries of the Friends of Syria group on Friday evening to discuss the negotiating process and prospects for political transition in Syria.

Yahya Qadamani, Deputy General Coordinator of the opposition’s High Negotiations Committee (HNC), commended the continued support by the countries of the Friends of Syria group for the opposition’s negotiation delegation and the Syrian people’s aspirations for freedom and dignity.

Nasr Hariri, head of the opposition negotiation delegation, confirmed the opposition is ready to engage in serious negotiations leading to the achievement of a political transition as was set out by international resolutions.

Hariri said the meeting with the UN envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura was positive, and that the opposition has submitted “clear and specified” suggestions to the UN envoy.

De Mistura handed the Syrian opposition delegation a paper about the procedural issues and some ideas to begin the political process, Hariri said. He said the opposition will study the paper and outline its response within the next couple of days.

For their part, representatives of the Friends of Syria group praised the positive response of the opposition delegation towards the current round of Geneva talks. They stressed the need for the opposition to continue with its positive position about the negotiating process which the regime is trying to undermine. They also reaffirmed their role as key supporters for the political transition process in Syria.

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department / 25.02.2017)

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