Marzouki calls for following in the footsteps of Mohamed Zouari


The Tunisian former president Mohamed Moncef Marzouki called Monday on the Arab and Islamic youth to follow in the footsteps of the martyr Mohamed Zouari for the sake of the Palestinian cause.

In his televised speech broadcasted during a mourning ceremony organized by Qassam Brigades in Gaza City, Marzouki said that Palestine is the sole cause that could unite all Tunisian people.

He pointed out that thousands of Tunisian demonstrators took to the streets last Saturday in Sfax in support of Palestinian resistance and in defense of the Tunisian sovereignty.

Marzouki also called for “following in the footsteps of the martyr Mohamed Zouari for the sake of the noble Palestinian cause.”

He also called for lifting the Israeli siege on Gaza where more than 2 million people are suffering unbearable living conditions.

Mohamed Zouari, 49, was shot dead outside his home in Sfax south of Tunisia, while he was in his car.

The Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas Movement, confirmed that Mohammed Zouari, “who was treacherously assassinated by Zionists in Tunisia”, was one of its commanders who supervised the Brigades’ Ababeel drones program.

Since then, huge demonstrations have been organised in Tunisia to protest his assassination.

(Source / 27.12.2016)

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