Russia targets hospitals in Aleppo destroying them in search of the final field solution in the eastern neighborhoods of the city

Article of 02/10/2016


In light of what is taking place, like the regime forces’ military operations on areas in at the southern outskirts of the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo and the northern outskirts of them, and in areas of the Old City of Aleppo at the center of Aleppo city, and the intensive missile strikes operations and the bombing by the Russian and Bashar al-Assad’s warplanes and helicopter on the neighborhoods of the city, where they were shelling with premeditated and monitoring by the regime and Russia to target the way of people’s life, they started after the collapse of the Russian – US agreement to ceasefire in Syria, it was started at 12th of September 2016 until the 19th of the same month, it began with targeting hospitals in Aleppo city.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented the targeting by Russian warplanes of hospitals at the eastern section of Aleppo city, which either directly put the hospital out of work, or by targeting the hospital’s vicinity which caused material damage at some hospitals as a result of the explosion pressure, which is done through the use of Russian warplanes for bombs that cause a great shockwaves that destroy entire buildings over the heads of their inhabitants, and some of these targeted hospitals are the Hospital of Omar bin Abdul Aziz in al-Maadi neighborhood, Hospital of Shawqi Hilal in the Old City of Aleppo, al-Daqqaq Hospital at al-Shaar neighborhood and al-Sakhur hospital in Aleppo city, some of them were destroyed while others were partly or completely out of work, this matter significantly reduced the medical capabilities in the area which is what the Russian forces are trying to reach, where reliable sources confirmed to the Syrian observatory for human rights that Russia is trying to clamp down on civilians and forcing them to final solution, which is to displace to the western neighborhoods of Aleppo for treatment, or pushing civilians to put pressure on fighters by asking for a military solution that ends up with evacuating fighters out of the eastern neighborhoods through a settlement with the regime, or engage in battles that ends with regime forces’ control  on these eastern neighborhoods.

(Source / 15.10.2016)

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