Israel launches military campaign in Hebron

Israeli occupation forces.

File photo of Israeli occupation forces

Israeli occupation forces have started a wide military campaign in the suburbs of Ghanim and Wadsoud in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron, Quds Press reported yesterday.

During the campaign, which started two weeks ago, Israeli occupation forces broke into scores of Palestinians homes, carried out house-to-house raids and conducted field interrogations. Houses and belongings were damaged during the raids.

Quds Press said military checkpoints were setup to section the areas into smaller localities.

The house of the Al-Faqih family was targeted during the raids and Taghrid Al-Faqih was arrested. Taghrid is the sister of a Palestinian man who is accused of opening fire at Israeli soldiers ten days ago.

Sources said the family were subjected to intensive questioning and investigations.

Israel arrested 16 Palestinians during night raids across the occupied West Bank on Monday night.

(Source / 13.07.2016)

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