PFLP demands end to PA security forces’ attacks and arrests of Palestinian students

khaled-quzmarPalestinian Authority intelligence agencies arrested Kifah Quzmar, a student at Bir Zeit University, on May 12 as he returned from the university; a few years prior, he was attacked along with others by PA security forces and hospitalized while protesting against PA meetings with leaders of the occupation state, and had been summoned for interrogation by PA intelligence.

The PA security agencies in the West Bank carry out ongoing arrests of students and former prisoners and other Palestinians on political grounds or as part of security coordination with the occupation state.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine strongly condemned the PA security forces for arresting Quzmar, a member of the Progressive Democratic Student Pole at the university and demanded his immediate and unconditional release as well as that of all political detainees and prisoners of security coordination in PA jails.

The Front also called for addressing the policy of the attacks on students by PA security services which have escalated in recent weeks amid campus elections. This method of police repression against Palestinian students not only widens Palestinian internal division but also endangers the lives of students and political detainees in light of the actions of the occupation in arresting former PA detainees in the context of shared intelligence and security coordination.


(Source / 16.05.2016)

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