Israeli army seals off Palestinian territories

An Israeli soldier stands guard at an Israeli checkpoint [file photo]

An Israeli soldier stands guard at an Israeli checkpoint [file photo]

The Israeli army completely sealed off the occupied Palestinian territories this morning until Saturday evening – duration the Jewish holiday of Purim, the Anadolu Agency reported.

“Based on the directions of law makers and after security evaluation, it was decided to completely seal off the West Bank during the Purim holiday,” a statement sent to mass media said. “The closure will end on Saturday evening.”

The statement noted that only cases based on humanitarian needs would be allowed to travel during the blockade and this “must be approved by the army”.

During such closure, Palestinians are banned from travelling from the occupied West Bank through Israeli crossings and checkpoints. Tens of thousands of Palestinian workers will be unable to go to work.

Meanwhile, Israeli general radio reported the army saying: “The Israeli army decided to close Erez crossing between the Gaza Strip and Israel, starting from Wednesday until Friday because of the Purim holiday.”

Israel regularly seals off the occupied Palestinian territories during Israeli and Jewish holidays regardless of the needs of the Palestinians.

(Source / 23.03.2016)

The Psychological Foundings Of Suicide Bombers: A Palestinian Approach !!

By Sami The Bedouin 


In early 1998, I was asked by a Palestinian “friend” if I can do an “academic” research for a Palestinian “Human Rights” organization about the suicide bombers. They were looking for an “academician” who can formulate a “coherent” study of the “suicide bombers”. My “friend” told me that the “offer” (as if talking of a business deal) is so generous and all the expenses are covered plus a huge amount of money… and all is “academic research”….. I wrote of that here explaining the reasons why I refuse that “fat” offer, but this time I am more into the founding mentality of the “suicide bombers” !!


The ever first “suicide bomber” here in Palestine is highly appreciated by almost everyone and looked at as a “divine God”. I didn’t meet him personally, but as a child I was repeatedly told of his story that is filled with heroism and horror, with appreciation and owe. No one knows exactly the history of this “elusive” man and whether he was raised in a poor or rich family, or where he came from; a city, a village or a refugee camp or even whether he was abused as a child or not, but his name is always followed by the word “The Almighty” as if that killer was a son of God as lots attribute to him in crazy moments when talking of his “heroism” fervently.

I always wondered how a children mass murderer can be appreciated in such a way and even “worshiped” as a divine “hero”. I believe most of the stories attributed to this “hero” (until finally he “bombed” himself in that damn party) are just false legends to glorify him in the eyes of others- specially his “worshipers- to induce them to follow his sample and “bomb” themselves to kill the enemy even if that “enemy” was a child, or a group of children enjoying a party with their happy dancing parents.

For your surprise, I do appreciate this man as a legend that can never die. He was- as I was told by numerous people in different versions of his story- a real fighter, a relentless foe that was the #1 wanted “fugitive” until he was caught finally by deception. He, alone, killed or was responsible for killing hundreds (in other version thousands) of the enemy soldiers, men, women, and an unknown number of children, and even livestock either accidentally or intentionally.

This “legendary hero” faced a huge army- probably, the third or the forth army of the world- until he was caught finally by deception through entrapping him by his girlfriend, and other say it was his first cousin with whom he was living in sin, but she was a whore and collaborated with the enemy.

He was caught, he was tortured to death and faced all kinds of calamities by his jailors who didn’t want to assassinate him- like they did to lots of others- but wanted to humiliate him intentionally to take off his inflated ego of pride. He spent long years in the jail and got weak and even lost his sight by a special drug into his food, but others say that he was blinded intentionally by plucking his eyes, as no one saw him for real after he was captured and enjailed, and later “bombed” himself into unrecognized pieces mixed with the flesh of men, women and children he blasted.

The loin can never be tamed and this “Almighty” hero can never be humiliated and he got the chance to “bomb” himself later after long years of intentional humiliation. His jailors were celebrating their victory over him and nobody paid attention to that blind man who was raging with fury to kill; in the temple where the Philistines were joyfully dancing with their wives and children, drinking and thanking God in their temple for their happy life and triumph over their invader enemies.

This “hero” or “butcher,”  the “jewish” killer of children didn’t care for nothing- not the sacred place, nor the happy festive gathering and even the masses of giggling children- but only thought of his injured pride, his thirst for a bloody revenge that would kill all. He crept (aided by a Palestinian collaborator apparently) into the center of the of the joyful Palestinian temple and pulled the pillars to kill the rejoicing gathering inside the sacred temple, and to “bomb” himself along with the flesh of the Palestinian children and women.

That was the jewish Samson and his suicidal option !!

SamsonHave you ever questioned that the ever first “suicide bomber” was a jew? And that he committed his massacre against the joyfully celebrating Palestinians “civilians” in their sacred temple? Why shouldn’t any nation of the world appreciate and even worship their “suicide bombers” like the jews do to this “butcher”?

It is not only that; Have you ever questioned that the ever first collective suicide was committed also by jews, in the myth of Masada?

Who intoduced the car bombing into the Middle East as early as 1940s? Wasnt it the zionist terrorist groups of Lehi, Irgun and Stern?

The jews were and still are the forefathers of the suicide mentality whether it was individual against a joyful party or collective suicide to avoid being killed or taken slaves and humiliated !!

Far away from the starter “butcher” of history, suicide “bombing” that is held by heroic fighters has been known in all nations and also highly appreciated to the degree to elevate the “suicide bombers” into a sacred level in heavens of in temples.

In WW2. What they were calling the “suicide bombers” against the Nazi occupiers done by jews and nonjews? Heroes? Bombing cafe-shops and trains where they killed some Nazis and lots of other innocent people like a poor waiter or a loving couple?

There is no single innocent zionist in Palestine; they are all in all colonizers living on the Palestinian dead bodies and on their land and enjoying the homes of the natives after killing or ethnically cleansing them !!ziosWhat did the Japanese call the kamikaze pilots? Butchers who bombed themselves in American cities, or divine heroes who sacrificed their lives for their people and country?

As the jews still worship their killers (who were ordered to kill men, women, children and even animals by the jewish “god” in their Talmud) even after 2000 years, they don’t have the right to occupy others again, humiliate them and stigmatize their freedom-fighters as “terrorist” … who inflects the ever first crime doesn’t have the right to judge others, and an occupied and tortured people do have the right to use all the available, possible and even impossible means to getfree !

Probably the Muslim nation was the last to use this resort or mean for fighting… who in heavens likes to bomb himself or kill others? But have you ever questioned yourself why? Why the Japanese Kamikaze fighters flew all that distance to shell “civilian” Americans living peacefully on their own homeland? Hadn’t the Japanese been invaded and killed by thousands before taking that Jewish Samson option?  Why? Why these heroic pilots are still being appreciated and even elevated to sacristy after they killed themselves and lots of other “innocent” Americans? Why the jews still worship their mass-murderers of children like Samson, Joshua and Shaul?

The problem is that the jewish rabbis are still faithful to their brutal god and dictate the jewish settlers in detailed books how to kill the children of the native Palestinians !!

Take a moment to think of the Tamil Tigers, or the Khmer Rouge who were known to have consecutive “suicide bombing” operations in the same day … Were they drugged to do so? Was Samson drugged to “bomb” himself among the Palestinians dancers? If you think so, You don’t know the intoxicating national pride then, nor the aspiration to freedom out of the national humiliation !

Haven’t you thought of the intentionally invaded, devastated and humiliated Muslim nations? Haven’t you heard of the American lie of the Iraqi WMD- turning a blind eye to the zionist nuclear arsenal- and promising the “heaven of democracy” they will bring? Haven’t you heard of the jewish lie of the “god promise” in which it was the first time for them to ever inter Palestine and annihilate their natives based on the damn lie of a land that not theirs in the first place?


Busted within their own dirty racist discourse:

In the words of top Israeli Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world; only to serve the People of Israel.” Likewise, Rabbi Ya’acov Perin has publicly stated: “One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail.” Shocking? It shouldn’t be. This is Talmudic law as well. The Talmud makes it very clear that the life of a non-Jew has no value, and that gentiles exist only to serve Jews. Sanhedrin 59a: “Murdering Goyim is like killing a wild animal.” Abodah Zara 26b: “Even the best of the Gentiles should be killed.” Baba Necia 114, 6: “The Jews are human beings, but the nations of the world are not human beings but beasts.” Midrasch Talpioth, p. 225-L: “Jehovah created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew would not have to be served by beasts. The non-Jew is consequently an animal in human form, and condemned to serve the Jew day and night.”
This is directly from the Talmud, and these are just a few of many examples. Jewish divine law makes it very clear: the “Palestinians” not only have no right to any land, but the “Palestinians” are not even human beings and thus have no right to even live at all. The “Palestinians” are worthless subhuman beasts and vermin. Jews are human beings, but gentiles are subhuman beasts whose only purpose is to serve the people of Israel.

The mental structure of the Zionists is based on the mass-murdering and genocide of the butcher Joshua, the ethnic cleansing of the bloody Shaul, the suicide mentality ofSamson and the lie of  “closeness”  in which their “god” promised them Canaan and ordered them to annihilate the natives including the children and even animal… is there a more bloody “god” than the jewish one?

(Source / 23.03.2016)

Netanyahu equates Brussels attacks with Pal resistance

Netanyahu claimed that Palestinian resistance against Israeli occupation is similar to Brussels attacks

Israeli Occupation PM Benjamin Netanyahu accused Palestinians of making their way to statehood through knives.

Netanyahu claimed that the Palestinian resistance against the Israeli occupation is similar to terror Brussels attacks that claimed the lives of 34 people

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem -Israeli Occupation PM Benjamin Netanyahu accused Palestinians of making their way to statehood through knives, Israeli newspaper Maariv reported on Tuesday.

During his speech at the AIPAC conference in Washington yesterday, Netanyahu branded all attacks as terrorist activities, including the Palestinian resistance against the Israeli occupation carried out in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.

He seized the chance of addressing AIPAC conference to wage assaults and insults against the Palestinians and their resistance against the Israeli apartheid regime.

“What is happening is a continuous attack against all of us,” Netanyahu said. “What is enough for them is eradicating us and imposing their absolute domination over us. But, this will not happen my friends.”

“The only solution is cooperation and unity in the war against them… Political and moral unity.”

(Source / 23.03.2016)

Israeli soldiers injure Palestinian child while playing near his home In Bethlehem

A large Israeli military force invaded, on Tuesday evening, the al-Khader town, south of the West Bank city of Bethlehem, shot and injured a child, only 9 years of age, while many residents suffered the effects of tear gas inhalation.

A large Israeli military force invaded, on Tuesday evening, the al-Khader town, south of the West Bank city of Bethlehem, shot and injured a child, only 9 years of age, while many residents suffered the effects of tear gas inhalation.

Ahmad Salah, the coordinator of the Popular Committee against the Wall and Settlements in al-Khader, said several military vehicles invaded the town, and fired many rubber-coated steel bullets and gas bombs, during clashes that took place following the invasion.

He added that one child, identified as Ahmad Yousef ‘Atwan, 9, was shot with a rubber-coated steel bullet in his leg while playing near his home.

The wounded child was moved to the Beit Jala governmental hospital in Bethlehem, suffering a moderate but stable wound; many Palestinians suffered the effects of tear gas inhalation.

Also on Tuesday evening, the soldiers invaded Ya’bad town, southwest of the northern West Bank city of Jenin, and searched at least one home.

Resident Yahya Abu Shammala said many soldiers stormed his home’s yard, and fired many live rounds and concussion grenades, causing his children to suffer anxiety attacks, before storming the property and violently searching it.

(Source / 23.03.2016)

Settlers storm Palestinian holy sites across the West Bank

Israeli settlers

Israeli settlers usually are escorted by Israeli security forces when they storm holy sites in the occupied territories [file photo]

Hundreds of Israelis, including large numbers of settlers, converged on religious sites across the occupied West Bank this morning ahead of the Jewish holiday of Purim, in visits Palestinians condemned as “provocative”, Ma’an reported.

Israeli settlers and right-wing groups held celebrations in Hebron’s Ibrahimi Mosque.

Locals told Ma’an that during the celebrations, which began late yesterday, the settlers “provocatively” used the mosque’s loudspeakers “to sing racist songs that call for the expulsion of Arabs from Hebron.”

The settlers were under the heavy protection of Israeli forces, who closed off the premises, preventing Palestinians from entering the mosque, and restricted access to the surrounding area.

Some Israeli media sites reported that as many 7,000 Israelis celebrated at the holy site, known to Jews as the Tomb of the Patriarchs.

Clashes broke out near the Balata camp, east of Nablus, when hundreds of Israelis, including settlers, visited Joseph’s Tomb under military escort, Palestinian security sources said.

As many as 500 Israelis arrived in 10 buses at dawn, sources said. Local youths from the camp hurled stones at the occupation’s military jeeps, while soldiers fired tear gas at them. A number of protesters reportedly suffered excessive tear gas inhalation, although no other injuries were reported.

An Israeli army spokesperson had no immediate information on the reports.

Israel has placed severe restrictions on the movement of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank during the Jewish festival of Purim.

(Source / 23.03.2016)

UN set to establish database of businesses involved in Israeli settlements

UN flag

The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) is set to vote on Thursday on whether to establish a database of businesses involved in Israeli settlements.

The UNHRC, meeting in its 31st session, will be considering four resolutions under Item 7, which focuses on the impact of the Israeli occupation on human rights in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories. Such resolutions are routinely adopted.

A resolution on Israel’s illegal settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and in the occupied Syrian Golan, however, has reportedly upset European Union member states, in particular by calling for “a database of all business enterprises involved” in illegal settlement activities, which will be updated annually.

The database is presented as a follow up to an earlier fact-finding mission, which investigated “the implications of the Israeli settlements on the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of the Palestinian people throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem.”

Middle East Monitor understands from sources familiar with the discussions taking place that European Union member states will either vote against, or abstain from, the resolution. The UK is reportedly expected to vote against, with significant pressure being applied on Palestinian officials to remove the paragraph establishing the database of businesses involved in settlement activities.

The resolution notes that “the settlement enterprise and the impunity associated with its persistence, expansion and related violence continue to be a root cause of many violations of the Palestinians’ human rights, and constitute the main factors perpetuating Israel’s belligerent occupation of the Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, since 1967.”

The resolution goes on to express concern that “some business enterprises have, directly and indirectly, enabled, facilitated and profited from the construction and growth of the Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.”

The UNHRC resolution also notes that “products wholly or partially produced in settlements have been labelled as originating from Israel”, and that “private individuals, associations and charities in third States” are “involved in providing funding to Israeli settlements and settlement-based entities, contributing to the maintenance and expansion of settlements.”

As well as the database, the draft text urges all states to “provide guidance to individuals and businesses on the financial, reputational and legal risks, including the possibility of liability for corporate involvement in gross human rights abuses as well as the abuses of the rights of individuals, of becoming involved in settlement-related activities.”

On Monday, the UNHRC head from outgoing Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967, Makarim Wibisono, who presented his final report to the Council.

Among other recommendations, “he urged Israeli authorities to…halt the expansion of illegal Israeli settlements, to refrain from acts causing the forced displacement of Palestinians in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and to urgently implement recommendations by the United Nations Children’s Fund with respect to the detention of children.”

(Source / 23.03.2016)

Arnon Grunbergs zionisme

By Engelbert Luitsz                 ©                    (


Palestijnse vluchtelingen in 1948. Hamas ontstond pas 40 jaar later.

Een curieuze Voetnoot vandaag in de Volkskrant. De populaire auteur Arnon Grunberg reageert op de aanslagen in Brussel met een anachronistisch beeld van het Palestijnse verzet. Hij volgt daarmee  de Israëlische premier Netanyahu die niets liever doet dan alle Palestijnen op een hoop gooien met IS, Al Qaida of Boko Haram. De Israëlische minister van Wetenschap Ofir Akunis maakte het nog bonter door te suggereren dat men zich in Europa zo druk maakt over het etiketteren van producten uit illegale nederzettingen op de Westelijke Jordaanoever, dat men niet genoeg tijd overheeft om de veiligheid van de eigen bevolking te garanderen. De Israëlische minister van Veiligheid Israel Katz vindt vervolgens dat de Belgen hun tijd verdoen met het eten van chocola, in plaats van de strijd aan te binden met moslims.

Of is Grunberg verblind geraakt door de christelijke onschuld van terrorisme-expert Beatrice de Graaf? In haar lezing voor de schapen van De Wereld Draait Door bestond ze het de joodse terreurbewegingen Irgoen en Lehi, onderdeel van een vreemde macht die Palestina aan het koloniseren was, voor te stellen als een anti-koloniale beweging! En als je het zo voorstelt wordt het verzet tegen kolonisatie natuurlijk automatisch “terrorisme”.

Want wat zegt Grunberg?

Zoals Hamas en extreem-rechts in Israël elkaars stiekeme bondgenoten zijn, zo zijn de terroristen en extreem-rechts, van de PVV tot de FN, elkaars geheime kameraden.

De schrijver moet helemaal terug naar de Tweede Intifada (2000-2005) om zijn punt te maken. Wat hij niet vermeldt is dat de aanslagen door Palestijnen het gevolg waren van het meedogenloze optreden van het Israëlische leger tegen Palestijnse burgers (dát was terrorisme, Grunberg). Oorzaak en gevolg omdraaien om zo een fictie van daders versus slachtoffers te creëren is de standaard doctrine van de macht. Gelukkig is er nog een enkeling die beseft dat aanslagen niet in een vacuüm plaatsvinden, maar het officiële verhaal van regeringswege blijft toch wel dat het onbegrijpelijk is dat iemand een hekel kan hebben aan “onze normen en waarden” die wij door de eeuwen heen hebben geperfectioneerd dankzij slavernij, kolonialisme, imperialisme, kapitalisme en twee wereldoorlogen in de vorige eeuw.


Vanaf 2002 kwam de leiding over de al-Qassam Brigades (de militante tak van Hamas) in handen van Mohammed al-Deif. Onder zijn leiding veranderde het beleid en werd er steeds meer afstand genomen van zelfmoordaanslagen. Hamas als geheel associëren met terrorisme is absurd. Het is een sociale (verzets)beweging die op religieuze leest is geschoeid, met diverse afdelingen, waaronder een militaire. In tegenstelling tot de Israëlische Mossad, die wereldwijd moordaanslagen pleegt, is, zeker onder al-Deif, het gewapende verzet gericht op militaire doelen1. En dat is ook de reden dat al-Deif al vijf moordaanslagen heeft overleefd. Israël wil geen militaire beweging zien die zich richt op de Israëlische soldaten, want dan valt hun eigen beleid van zoveel mogelijk burgerslachtoffers maken te veel op. De laatste aanslag op het leven van al-Deif was in 2014. Hij bleek wederom aan de dood ontsnapt te zijn, maar zijn vrouw, zoon en dochter werden gedood (ook dat is terrorisme, Grunberg).

Een nog betere illustratie is wellicht de moordaanslag op sjeik Yassin in 2004. Deze spirituele leider van Hamas was verlamd, bijna blind en zat in een rolstoel (hij leed aan tetraplegie, een verlamming van de ledematen). Toch vond Israël het nodig eenApache-helikopter in te zetten om hem uit de weg te ruimen. Daarbij kwamen, naast Yassin zelf, zijn twee bodyguards en negen andere personen om het leven. Onder de vele gewonden bevonden zich twee van zijn zoons. Zou het misschien kunnen dat iemand die zoiets heeft meegemaakt eens doordraait? Of kunnen we werkelijk niet ontsnappen aan het paradigma van “irrationele haat tegen joden”?

De Dahiya-doctrine

Het succes van de overwinning op een blinde en verlamde man in een rolstoel maakte de legerleiding in Israël overmoedig. Twee jaar later tijdens de aanval op Libanon werd het vermoorden van burgers een officiële doctrine: de Dahiya-doctrine. Dahiya was een deel van Beiroet waar Hezbollah veel politieke steun had. De redenering van de Israëlische strategen was eenvoudig: we maken zoveel slachtoffers onder de bevolking dat de militante groepen hun politieke steun onder die bevolking kwijtraken, aangezien zij daar een te hoge prijs voor moeten betalen (de definitie van terrorisme, Grunberg).

Uiteraard werkt dat niet zo. Je wakkert de haat alleen maar aan. En dat is ook de bedoeling. Dat kun je je veroorloven als je militair oppermachtig bent. Zonder verzet zit Israël met de handen in het haar, want je moet toch op z’n minst de schijn van vergelding kunnen ophouden als je je niet helemaal belachelijk wilt maken in de internationale arena.

Grunberg in Jeruzalem

Ik neem aan dat Grunberg kranten leest. Dat hij op de hoogte is van de beeldvorming rondom de Palestijnen (Nee dus. In 2012, een half jaar voordat Israël opnieuw een bloedbad in de Gazastrook zou aanrichten, was het “Israël krijgt tegenwoordig een ronduit verschrikkelijke pers.”). Zowel door zelfcensuur van journalisten als door druk die wordt uitgeoefend door clubs als het CIDI, Likoed Nederland, de Israëlische ambassade of vanuit de politiek krijgen we in kranten en op de televisie slechts zelden een beeld van de realiteit van de bezetting te zien. Waarom kiest hij dan uitgerekend het Palestijnse verzet om een verband met terreur te leggen? Wat denkt hij nu werkelijk van de situatie daar? De kop in de papieren krant is “Open samenleving“, op internet is het “Terroristen en extreem-rechts streven hetzelfde na“. Dat maakt het nog erger. Extreem-rechts wordt hier naast terrorisme gezet. Verwant misschien, maar toch niet hetzelfde. Extreem-rechts geweld komt van gekwelde blanken (mensen met een ziel en een geweten!), van lone wolfs, is een begrijpelijke reactie van bezorgde burgers. Het andere – terrorisme – is de irrationele haat, de jaloezie, de seksuele repressie en de schaarste van al die anderen die de Ander is (kort geleden heette een Zeeuw in Amsterdam nog een allochtoon, zo snel kan het gaan).

Enkele jaren geleden was Grunberg met een aantal andere schrijvers, waaronder Herman Koch, te gast op een literair festival in Jeruzalem. Ook Sayed Kashua, een Israëliër van Palestijnse afkomst die als schrijver zeer succesvol was in Israël, maar als Palestijn als tweederangs burger werd behandeld. Kashua is inmiddels gevlucht voor het racisme en het xenofobe geweld in Jeruzalem en woont nu in de Verenigde Staten. Grunberg noemt hem vreemd genoeg “die Arabische schrijver“. Palestijnen bestaan niet, toch? Jeroen Vullings deed verslag van het festival en praatte genoeg met Grunberg om een beeld te krijgen van diens visie op het “conflict”. En die is behoorlijk schokkend.

Het is soms alsof er een officiële woordvoerder van de regering aan het woord is die zijnhasbara spuit. Grunberg vindt wel dat Israël soms “rampzalige dingen” doet. Rampzalig is iets heel anders dan erg slecht of immoreel, het betekent iets wat slecht is voor Israël zelf, “maar tegelijk vinden de meeste Palestijnen dat Israël de facto moet verdwijnen“. Daar hebben we het weer: “de meeste Palestijnen…” “verdwijnen…” Is hij een zionist? Mijn zus, zegt hij, is “zionistischer dan ik.” Dus toch.

Eind jaren tachtig was hij al eens op de Westelijke Jordaanoever geweest. “Een en al viezigheid en armoede.” En dan gaat het verder met: “Je ziet daar duidelijk dat aan beide kanten van de grens mensen bezig zijn met hun slachtofferschap.” Een vreemd soort gelijkwaardigheid. Nergens blijkt dat we te maken hebben met een volk dat dan al tientallen jaren politiek en economisch wordt onderdrukt, tegenover een ander volk dat in diezelfde periode alleen maar rijker en machtiger is geworden.

Ramallah echter “is een bloeiende stad, met hotels, hippe coffeeshops, je kunt zien dat er veel geld is.” Ja, zo werkt dat in een koloniale setting. Er wordt een corrupte elite gecreëerd die zich mag verrijken en als politie voor de bezetter optreedt. Het is alsof je Esther Voet hoort: “Ramallah is booming!” Maar hoe zit dat met al die Palestijnse dorpen en steden die praktisch van de buitenwereld zijn afgesloten, de muur die boeren van hun land scheidt, de huizen de worden vernield, de kinderen die niet naar school kunnen? (Om te leren lezen en schrijven, zodat ze misschien ooit ook veel boeken kunnen verkopen.)

Duidelijker wordt het niet. Toen hij nog heel jong was doneerde hij geld aan het Israëlische leger, later werd hij aanmerkelijk genuanceerder, maar: “Laat ik het erop houden dat de Gretta Duisenberg-benadering mijlenver van mij af staat.

In Israël verkoopt hij goed. Tirza was een bestseller. Het duurde vele jaren voordat de boeken van Hannah Arendt in het Hebreeuws werden vertaald. Alice Walker wilde zelf niet dat haar bestseller over racisme The Color Purple in het Hebreeuws werd vertaald. Grunberg ziet het als zijn “vrijheid als schrijver” om naar elk land te gaan. Dat is natuurlijk zijn goed recht. Net als zijn mening over Gretta Duisenberg. Andere houdingen zijn echter mogelijk.

Het is zonneklaar dat steeds meer staten een repressief beleid voeren, maar geef je daarmee de terroristen hun zin?

De staat die open en betrekkelijk vrije samenlevingen in naam van terrorismebestrijding geleidelijk doet veranderen in politiestaten geeft de terroristen hun zin.

Is het niet – net als in Israël – in het belang van de staat om repressiever te worden? De enigen die er beter van worden zijn zij die verdienen aan het militair-industriële complex. De talloze gevangenissen in de Verenigde Staten zitten bomvol als gevolg van de privatisering van het gevangeniswezen, niet omdat er opeens meer misdaad was. Wanneer onder andere door de invloed van sociale media en het real time nieuws de propaganda minder goed werkt, wordt de knoet uit de kast gehaald.

Was het doel van bevrijdingsbewegingen in Zuid-Afrika, Ierland, India of Palestina om politiestaten te creëren, zodat zij “hun zin” zouden krijgen? Daarom was de vorm van deze Voetnoot bijzonder slecht gekozen.

Terrorisme. Waarom niet gewezen op de Amerikaanse bombardementen op deuniversiteit van Mosul met honderden burgerdoden en gewonden, of op een aanval van de Amerikaans-Saoedische coalitie in Jemen met meer dan honderd doden, waaronder 20 kinderen? Waarom moeten er tienduizenden Palestijnen collectief gestraft wordenomdat het een joodse feestdag is? Het is misschien lastig om de verantwoordelijkheid als intellectueel te combineren met de verkoop van boeken, maar zo worden opiniemakers en oorlogshitsers stiekeme bondgenoten. In een roman is een terrorist misschien gewoon een terrorist, maar in het echte leven schrijven politici geschiedenis.

Hamas lashes out at US presidential candidates for pro-Israel position

GAZA, (PIC)–  Hamas on Wednesday condemned US presidential candidates for their unabashedly pro-Israel speeches before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee this week. Hamas condemns the racist statements made by American presidential candidates that sanctify the Israeli occupation at the expense of Palestinian rights, the group’s spokesman, Sami Abu Zuhri, said in a statement. “The state of frantic competition between the American candidates supports the occupation and the enemies of the Palestinian people, and represents a true disgrace for the American political system and a provocation against the feelings of our Palestinian people and our Arab and Islamic nations,” he added. Republican front-runner Donald Trump said he is Israel’s first ally and that there is nobody more pro-Israel than he is. He added that in case he is elected he will move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Occupied Jerusalem. Earlier Monday, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton slammed Trump’s position on Israel. He came under fire for previously saying he is “neutral” in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, though he has repeatedly said he supports Israel. “We need steady minds and hands. Not a president who says he is neutral on Monday, pro-Israel on Tuesday and who knows what on Wednesday because everything is negotiable,” Clinton said in a clear shot at the Republican front-runner. Republican candidate Marco Rubio also lashed out at Trump before he withdrew from the electoral race. Rubio is notorious for his pro-Israel position. Upon more than one occasion he dubbed the Palestinians terrorists and murderers in an attempt to gain Israeli support in the electoral race.

(Source / 23.03.2016)

Syrian Coalition Calls On Moscow & Washington to Pressure Assad to Be Serious in Geneva Talks

The Syrian Coalition called upon Russia and the United States to put pressure on the Assad regime to stop disrupting efforts aimed at finding a political solution to the Syrian crisis. “The ongoing bloodshed in Syria and the spread of terror, which is threatening international peace and security, clearly shows how we have no more time to lose. The Assad regime must not be allowed to further show disregard for the UN efforts and the ongoing negotiations in Geneva,” the Coalition said.

Member of the Syrian Coalition Hadi al-Bahra said that the United States and Russia should exert maximum efforts to protect the Syrian people and put an end to the suffering they have been going through. He stressed that today’s meeting between US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Moscow must send a clear message to the Assad regime to seriously engage in the Geneva negotiations.

Bahra, who is a former president of the Coalition and is currently in Geneva as an adviser to the opposition’s negotiating delegation, called upon Moscow to lift the political cover it provides for Assad, withdraw military support for him and to respect the will of the Syrian people who seek change and democracy.

(Source: Syrian Coalition / 23.03.2016)

Arrests, injuries reported during clashes across W.B., J’lem

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– A child was among two injured Palestinians on Tuesday evening during clashes that broke out in Bethlehem south of occupied West Bank, while two arrests were documented in Qalqilia and occupied Jerusalem. Local sources said that violent clashes erupted at the eastern entrance to Aida refugee camp north of Bethlehem amid heavy firing of live rounds and teargas bombs on the part of the Israeli occupation forces (IOF). A young man suffered gunshot injuries in his foot during the confrontations, while a 9-year-old child was directly hit with a rubber bullet when IOF soldiers violently stormed al-Khuder town south of Bethlehem. On the other hand, a Palestinian man was arrested at a military checkpoint erected at the eastern entrance of Qalqilia late yesterday. Israeli forces claimed that an M16 automatic gun was found in his car. A second young man was arrested in al-Tur town in occupied Jerusalem, and released after denying his access to the occupied holy city for six months. In Jenin, IOF stormed a local home in Yabad town southeast of the city and forced its owners to stay outdoors for long hours. In occupied Jerusalem, clashes erupted on Tuesday in six different areas amid heavy firing of teargas bombs and rubber bullets. Two young men were arrested as clashes erupted in Azaizia town, while two locals suffered effects of teargas inhalation while one was injured with a rubber bullet. Palestinian angry protesters threw stones at an Israeli military vehicle while passing near Silwan town last night. A number of Jerusalemite detainees were released shortly after their arrest on condition of being denied access to the occupied city for 15 days. Meanwhile, hundreds of settlers stormed at dawn Wednesday Youssef tomb north of Nablus under heavy military protection which led to the outbreak of violent clashes amid heavy firing of teargas bombs and rubber bullets. Eyewitnesses told the PIC reporter that Israeli forces stormed the eastern part of the city and broke into a number of houses. Dozens of Israeli buses carrying hundreds of settlers then arrived to the area and started performing Talmudic rituals at Youssef tomb. In Jenin, IOF soldiers arrested three youths at dawn today after breaking into Barta’a town east of the city. A number of neighboring towns were also stormed during the raid.

(Source / 23.03.2016)