Yousri al-Masri … sick prisoner in Israeli jails

Suffers from cancer and lost ability to speak

GAZA, (PIC)– Captive Yousri al-Masri was arrested in 2003, he was a college freshman then, and was sentenced to twenty years imprisonment on the charge of resisting the Israeli occupation. Five years ago, he was diagnosed with lymph cancer. His condition deteriorated to the extent that he speaks with difficulty now. Captive Masri suffers from health problems in the liver, bone marrow, lymph nodes and eyes. He is one of the most suffering prisoners afflicted with cancer, but the Israeli occupation authority refuses to release him or provide him the necessary treatment. His family, relatives and friends are intensely worried about him because whenever they get news from prison about his health condition, they are always unpleasant.  In his last phone call with his mother, Yousri asked his mother to pray for him as he is suffering from deteriorating health problems; therefore, he is waiting for martyrdom at any moment after the Israeli prison authority refused to provide him with treatment. Since last summer, Yousri’s brothers have been trying to conceal from their mother any new information from the prison; because this information often carries more pain and anxiety about a living martyr whose life is at a stake. A living martyr Many of his relatives and people who know him visit his mother regularly to check on him, especially after reports of his deteriorating health condition in an unprecedented way. His mother’s replies to inquiries about him always asked for prayers for his recovery and freedom. She told a PIC reporter that, Yousri recently lost the ability to speak because of his enlarged glands, in addition, the pains in his intestines, liver and eyes have greatly increased. Captive Masri’s mother told the story of his transfer a few days before by the Israeli Prison Service for 12 hours in the “Bosta”, an Israeli prison vehicle in which the detainees are transported shackled to iron chairs for long hours, from Negev prison to Nafha prison, and detaining him for long hours before admitting him into the prison cell. She met in the past months the First Deputy Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council Dr. Ahmed Bahar and leaders of Hamas. She briefed them on the serious developments of her son’s condition, telling them that she even wishes that he was a martyr in the war dubbed Al-Asf Al-Makul by Hamas. The mother held the IOA responsible for his life, for refusing to provide him the necessary treatment. His brother, Yasser, who participated in many protests and delivered statements about his sick brother, believes that Yousri and a lot of other sick prisoners are being deliberately left without proper treatment. He added to a PIC reporter that his brother, “was recently transferred from Eshel prison to Negev prison via Bosta, and was not given his medication nor his last chemotherapy dose. He is suffering severely from illnesses and emaciation. Mom visited him two and a half months ago and found that he speaks with difficulty.” Friends of prison There have been reports in the recent months about the possibility of releasing captive Yousri Masri, as he was listed in a proposed list of seriously ill prisoners to be released, but the IOA backtracked on its promises. Jalal Saqr, ex-prisoner and a representative of Waed Society for prisoners and ex-prisoners, confirmed that the IOA controls the list of sick prisoners with serious illnesses, and has deleted several prisoners’ names from the list.  He told the PIC reporter, “We, as ex-prisoners, along with Waed Society stand by prisoner Yousri and his family, and we are trying to activate the media and human rights groups and incite the Palestinian resistance on making sick prisoners among its priorities for any future deals.” Ex-prisoner Fuad Abu Oumren, who came to visit captive Yousri’s mother in solidarity with his critical health condition, told a PIC reporter, that he was imprisoned with Yousri in one section, and witnessed his condition and his illness but it was relatively better then. Fuad said: “But Yousri always enjoyed high spirits”.

(Source / 11.03.2016)

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