Syrian Coalition: Negotiations Must Lead to Complete Political Transition

The Syrian Coalition stressed that serious negotiations are needed to reach full political transition in Syria and achieve the aspirations of the Syrian people.

At a meeting held earlier today, members of the political committee underscored that engaging in negotiations will only be aimed to discuss forming a transitional governing body with full executive powers, including the powers of the president.

The meeting discussed the latest political and field developments and proposed mechanisms for developing the work of the political committee. The meeting also stressed the need for the immediate release of detainees, especially women and children, before the resumption of negotiations tabled for next week.

Moreover, the political committee stressed the need to end the siege of besieged areas and the delivery of humanitarian aid to all areas, especially the district of Darayya in Rural Damascus as no aid has so far been allowed into the besieged district.

(Source: Syrian Coalition / 10.03.2016)

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