Syrian Coalition Calls on PYD to Side With Revolution against Assad and ISIS

Vice-President of the Syrian Abdul Hakim Bashar called upon the PYD elements to join the ranks of the Syrian people and fight alongside the Free Syrian Army.

“Your commanders are trading in your blood and showing disregard for your blood for the sake of defending the tyrannical Assad regime which has long pursued a policy of repression, arrest, assassination, starvation, and displacement against the Syrian Kurdish population,” Bashar said addressing the PYD militiamen.

“Your leaders do not have a clear national agenda but follow a regional agenda. You are the grandsons of Kawa and Salahuddin: Your weapons must be directed against the tyrant Assad, his militias and ISIS, not against the free people of Syria. Killing a single free Syrian is tantamount to the killing of all Kurds,” Bashar added.

Bashar reiterated the Syrian Coalition’s insistence on the departure of Assad and his clique and referring them to a national court to receive just punishment for the crimes they have committed against the Syrian people. He stressed that the foreign militias Assad has brought to Syria will fail to protect him from the wrath of the people and their will to liberate their homeland.

“Our top priority is boosting the steadfastness of our people by working to provide the means that sustain their resilience, most importantly food, clothing, and medicine as well as weapons for rebel fighters.”

Bashar pointed out that the Syrian Coalition is working to procure international support for the revolution of the Syrian people until they achieve victory.

(Source: Syrian Coalition / 08.03.2016)

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