Syrian Coalition Calls on UN to Deter Assad Breaches of Truce

The Assad regime carried out airstrikes on the town of Harbnafseh in southern rural Hama despite the truce that went into effect on Saturday. Dozens of airstrikes pounded the town over the past two days, along with artillery and rocket shelling by regime forces.

Member of the Syrian Coalition Samir Nashar said that breaches of the truce by the Russian and regime forces escalated on the second day of the truce. He said Russia and the regime have a strategy to target the mainstream armed opposition during the truce.

Nashar warned that these repeated violations will lead to the collapse of the political process, calling on the United Nations, the sponsor of the agreement, to look into these violations and take all necessary measures to stop them. Nashar said that ending Russia’s and the regime’s violations would open the door for resuming negotiations to find a political solution through the implementation of the 2012 Geneva Communique.

Member of the Syrian Coalition Yasser al-Farhan said that the international community should not forget that the dictatorial policies of the Assad regime were the root cause of the crisis in Syria. He added that the Assad regime is not serious about finding a political solution to the crisis, warning that it seeks to cause the truce to collapse and lay the blame on terrorist organizations.

(Source: Syrian Coalition /02.03.2016)

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