Israel bans Belgian parliamentary delegation’s entry into Gaza

GAZA, (PIC)– The Palestinian MP and head of the popular committee against the siege Jamal Khudari strongly condemned the Israeli ban on a Belgian parliamentary delegation’s entry into Gaza via Erez crossing. The Israeli authorities have earlier on Wednesday denied a delegation of Belgian lawmakers’ entry into the blockaded Gaza Strip, in a decision the lawmakers decried as “unacceptable.” The delegation of six MPs, representing several Belgian political parties, said in a statement on Wednesday that they had arranged the visit with the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, UNRWA. They had hoped to meet with civil society organizations and make field tours across the beleaguered enclave at the request of the Belgian parliament. MP Khudari described Israel’s decision as part of its siege on the Strip that deepens the suffering of Gaza people. Israel seeks to foil the international solidarity movement with Palestine and works to isolate Gaza from the outside world, he added. The Israeli decision, Khudari continued, aims to hide the bitter reality behind its siege. MP Khudari hailed the Belgian parliamentary delegation’s role in supporting the Palestinian cause and people. He concluded by calling on the international community and the European parliaments to exert more pressures on Israel to end Gaza siege.

(Source / 02.03.2016)

One thought on “Israel bans Belgian parliamentary delegation’s entry into Gaza

  1. yes the seige on palestine must be is against humanity to inflict such attrocious rules and laws to suit another.please go into palestine and before you leave please dont forget to take the APARTHEID WALL down.SICK ISRAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!

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