Marwa: Russia’s Latest Statements Ring “Hollow” As Crimes Continue

Vice-President of Syrian Coalition Hisham Marwa said that the statements Russian officials have lately made about negotiations and political transition in Syria are hardly credible as long as Russia continues its aggression against Syria unabated, especially Russia’s campaign on Aleppo.

Russia’s envoy to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin on Thursday said that if the Assad regime “follows Russia’s lead in the resolution of this crisis, then they have a chance to get out of it with their dignity intact.”

Asked in an interview with Kommersant newspaper about Assad’s comments that he would regain control over all of Syria, Churkin said: “Russia has invested very seriously in this crisis, politically, diplomatically, and now also in the military sense. Therefore we of course would like that Bashar al Assad should take account of that.”

Churkin added that Assad’s latest remarks “do not chime with the diplomatic efforts that Russia is undertaking…. the discussions are about a ceasefire, a cessation of hostilities in the foreseeable future. Work is underway on this.”

Marwa said that Assad’s remarks provided further proof of his outright rejection of any political solution and are in line with Russia’s aggressive acts against Syria, most notably the bombing of hospitals, schools and civilians.

Marwa said that if Russia wants to be a key partner in the political efforts aimed at reaching a political solution, it must stop bombing Syrian civilians immediately.

(Source: Syrian Coalition / 19.02.2016)

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