Israeli warships shower Gaza beaches with machinegun fire

GAZA, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation navy on early Thursday morning opened heavy machinegun fire on Gaza’s shores, at the same time as an army patrol rolled into the Strip’s eastern borders. An on-the-spot observer said Israeli occupation gunboats unleashed eight mortar shells on al-Zahraa shores, in central Gaza Strip. The shells exploded on the beach. No fatalities have been reported. The attack came at a time when several army jeeps launched a limited incursion into eastern Wadi Gaza area, in central Gaza Strip. A flock of Israeli warplanes also carried out a series of mock-raids across Gaza sky while Israeli drones kept incessantly hovering over the territory. Palestinian fishermen have been the permanent targets of Israeli gunboats despite the fact that they have been setting sail within the six-nautical-mile zone agreed upon in the latest truce deal. Several Palestinians were killed or injured and others have had their boats damaged in similar attacks. The assault is another chain in the series of Israeli violations of the Cairo-brokered ceasefire accord struck in the wake of the 2014 Israeli offensive on the besieged coastal enclave.

(Source / 18.02.2016)

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