Marwa: Assad’s Latest Remarks Render Political Process Meaningless

Vice-President of the Syrian Coalition Hisham Marwa today said that Bashar al-Assad’s latest remarks have emptied the political process of its meaning. He described Assad’s vision of a political solution as “flatly rejects forming a transitional government body with full powers as was set out by the Geneva Communique of 2012.”

“Assad’s remarks reveal the regime’s position on a political solution. They denote clear contempt for the principle of a political solution. His remarks on the difficulty of observing a ceasefire is a de facto denunciation of the Munich ceasefire agreement,” Marwa added.

Marwa pointed out that Assad implied that he would continue to violate the relevant UN Security Council resolutions and suggested he would continue with brutal war on the Syrian people, taking advantage of the Russian intervention on his side.

(Source: Syrian Coalition / 16.02.2016)

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