Dr. Ashrawi meets with EU Consul Generals and Representatives


PLO Executive Committee Member Dr. Hanan Ashrawi on Thursday addressed the European Union Consul Generals and Representatives in a meeting co-hosted by the EU Delegation to the occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip and the Netherlands Representative Office.

The discussion focused on the internal situation, the need for genuine reconciliation, and the importance of holding local and government elections with international support and observers.

All parties also explored ways in which the EU can be more effective in empowering nation and institution-building in Palestine.

In light of the alarming conditions on the ground, Dr. Ashrawi urged the EU to adopt a new political and multilateral approach to end the Israeli military occupation of Palestine and to build a sovereign and viable Palestinian state within a specific and binding timeframe.

She also stressed that it is imperative to hold Israel accountable in view of its persistent violations and to take effective steps to end its impunity.

(Source / 13.02.2016)

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