HNC Urges Syria Friends to Pressure Russia to Stop Bombing Civilians

The Syrian opposition’s High Negotiations Committee (HNC) called upon friendly countries to put pressure on Russia-a signatory to UN Security Council resolution 2254- to stop its brutal attacks against unarmed civilians in Syria.

The HNC members met with representatives of the Friends of the Syrian People on Tuesday evening in Geneva to discuss the enforcement of Articles 12 and 13 of the UN Security Council resolution 2254. The HNC stressed that the implementation of these articles must begin before the launch of negotiations, describing these provisions as legitimate rights of the Syrian people. The HNC pointed out that the international community has a moral duty to put pressure on Russia to stop its attacks on civilians.

The HNC rejected attempts by Russia and the Assad regime to make the Geneva meeting a cover for their escalating attacks on civilians and vital infrastructure under the pretext of fighting ISIS. It added that these indiscriminate attacks constitute blatant war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Chief negotiator Mohammad Alloush pointed out that the political process is very important for the HNC, but it is not more important than stopping the bloodshed in Syria.

Alloush emphasized that the Assad regime is undermining chances of launching the negotiating process by refusing to implement the humanitarian demands which the UN envoy described as legitimate. De Mistura also said these demands are above the negotiating process, should not be associated to the political track, and that the right of the Syrian people to life cannot be discussed at the negotiating table.

(Source: Syrian Coalition / 03.02.2016)

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