Hebron: IOF kidnap six Palestinians, including MP and ex-minister


Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Sunday dawn kidnapped from Hebron and its district villages six Palestinians, including MP Hatem Qufeisheh and ex-minister of Local Governance, Issa al-Jaabari.

IOF have kidnapped six Palestinians who were “wanted” for Israeli Occupation Authorities, from their homes.

One of them was kidnapped from his home in Halhul village north of Hebron, another from Deir Samet south of Hebron, and four others from Hebron city.

The Palestinian Information Center, PIC reported from MP Qufeisheh’s brother, Subhi, that Israeli soldiers wreaked havoc on his brother’s home and kidnapped him shortly after undercover Israelis broke into the house and torched the MP’s car.

PIC said that Qufeisheh was released 10 months ago from the occupation jails after he had served two years in administrative detention, with neither charge nor trial. He had reportedly been held administratively for a total of 141 months in nine separate occasions.

Furthermore, ex-minister Al-Jabari was kidnapped from his home in central Hebron.

(Source / 24.01.2016)

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