Rebels Advancing in Latakia & Damascus, Political Committee Discusses Field & Political Developments


Rebel fighters recaptured the village of Dweirka in rural Latakia earlier today as the counteroffensive they launched earlier this week gains ground. They also advanced on regime positions in the town of Bahariyah in eastern Ghouta.

The Assad regime continues to block the entry of food and medicine to the areas it has laid siege to in various areas across Syria, a policy of systematic starvation which has been exposed to members of the Security Council and humanitarian organizations.

At a meeting held earlier today, members of the political committee discussed the latest political and field developments, most notably the negotiations scheduled to be held in Geneva next week.

The meeting also discussed the High Negotiations Committee’s announcement of the formation of a negotiating delegation. It also touched on the absence of international consensus on removing obstacles to the upcoming negotiations.

Moreover, the political committee discussed preparations for the next meeting of the Syrian Coalition’s General Assembly to be held in the next few days.

Meanwhile, a total of 40 people have so far starved to death in the town of Madaya which has been subjected to a crippling siege by the Assad regime and Hezbollah militia for nearly seven months.

(Source: Syrian Coalition / 21.01.2016)


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