Faraj widely slammed for his role in protecting Israel’s security

GAZA, (PIC)– Recent remarks made by Palestinian Authority (PA) intelligence director Majed Faraj about the role of the PA security forces in preventing resistance attacks against Israeli targets have been widely criticized by Palestinian factions and political forces.

Faraj stated in a recent interview conducted by the US magazine Defense News that the PA security forces had frustrated 200 resistance operations against Israel during the current intifada (uprising) in the occupied territories.

Faraj reiterated his position on the need to preserve the security cooperation between the PA and Israel, and expressed his belief that the resistance operations, which he described as terrorism, would not help the Palestinians to fulfill their dream of having an independent state.

Second deputy speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) Hasan Khreisheh deplored Faraj for bragging about the security collaboration with the occupation against his own people and trying to market himself as a man of peace.

Khreisheh told Quds Press that Faraj’s position was contrary to the Palestinian consensus and reflected that the PA would never renounce its relations with the occupation.

He demanded Faraj to talk about what he had done for the protection of his own people instead of speaking proudly about his achievements for the occupation.

For its part, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) condemned Faraj’s remarks as a political scandal and a cover-up for the daily murder of Palestinians.

The DFLP stressed the need to stop making what it described as “harmful and irresponsible remarks, which portrays the PA as an agency for the protection of Israel’s security.”

(Source / 21.01.2016)

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