3,000 rights groups to ask Holland to stop exporting dogs to Israel

Israeli soldiers

Palestinian Association for Animal Welfare is planning to request the Dutch government stop providing attack dogs to Israel, Felesteen newspaper reported yesterday.

In a statement, the Palestinian society said that a letter signed by 3,000 rights and solidarity groups will be submitted to the Dutch foreign ministry, the first of its kind.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Association for Animal Welfare is to handover the letter to the Dutch representative in Ramallah, as well as to the PA foreign ministry.

The letter explains that attack dogs are always exported by European countries, mainly Holland, to Israel and they were used by the Israeli soldiers as a weapon that caused “serious wounds for civilians”.

(Source / 21.01.2015)

Gaza diary

By Haseeb Asgher

Palestine is that land that lies between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River in western Asia. Along with Egypt, Syria and Arabia, Palestine is in a strategic location and is the birthplace of the Abrahamic religions is in the region of religion, culture, commerce and politics for a long and rich history. Palestine was occupied several times by the ancient Egyptians, Canaanites, Philistines, the ancient Israelites, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Muslims, Crusaders, Ottomans and finally the British. Palestine was an independent state whose capital was Jerusalem. The city of Jerusalem is sacred to Jews, Christians and Muslims Bait- al-Maqdis (Al- Aqsa) which is known as first QIBLA of Muslims is located here. Jerusalem, despite being so important for humanity, is being humiliated in Palestine, which has no example worldwide.

In the world there are nearly 30,000 organizations active in the fight for animal rights. Animal rights advocates are releasing funds and making billions of dollars to bring resolutions into law, but the defenseless and innocent people of Palestine are oppressed; worldwide organizations are blind about the Zionist massacres and brutal oppression that kills innocent women and children.

It said that it is a proven fact that whatever county, nation or religion a person belongs that there is an immense love for children no matter if the child of your enemy, whether it is your child or child of the enemy—children are children. For the children`s bright future everyone efforts according to his capabilities and try to provide all the luxuries of life but there is a region of the earth, the world knows the name of Palestine. Where the children and their childhood innocence has been removed by Israel, in such age they should be in school with fairy tale books, but they have toys of missiles, bullets and phosphorus bombs that kills them on daily basis.

Palestine is an unfortunate country in which human blood is cheaper than water. World peace candidate smoldering eyes from Palestine, as this is not the country of this world. Are not the children living here innocent? Their future? Their childhood? Children in other parts of the world are enjoying counter strikes and other video games, but the Palestinian children have been facing massacre since 1948. The children living in the Holy Land of Palestine do not have the basic needs of life. No gas. no electricity , no safe drinking water, no doctors, no medicine and nothing to eat. They are forced to live in refugee camps where there is nothing to eat in the harsh winter, and they have nothing to cover the bodies to stay warm. Aren’t these babies also the asset of world?? Their innocent childhood is being crushed, and their fate should be a concern for all peoples of the world. They do not have the lap of their mother but have monument of her grave. They do not have support of the compassionate father. but they have their father’s dead body. They do not have a sheltering home, only the debris of what was their home bombed by Israel. They do not have bread to eat, and the air they breathe is filled with toxic tear gas.

Gazans start their day mourning the death of their beloved. sorrow and anguish is written in the fate of Palestine, at any time during the day and night bombardment can begin. Palestine is the only country that has no army, it is a ruined country where graves outnumber homes, electricity is available here for few hours and there is nothing but mourning and death. Israeli soldiers can hunt anyone anywhere in Palestine and they are not held accountable anywhere in world. Gaza has schools, books and toys but everything telling stories about kindness of all the good of Israel. Is a tribute to those whose children are being slaughtered, whose houses are being burned, whose loved ones have been buried without shroud. However, they have not agreed to leave the Holy Land. They have no fear of death. This is Israel’s manifest failure.

The total area of the Gaza city is about 250 km; Israel has dropped thousands of kilograms of explosives on it, how kind of people are they? They are not concerned about the lives and the properties of the inhabitants of Gaza. Even so, in this fatal situation the the people of Gaza are thankful to Allah. In this case, will Israel be ashamed of their barbaric acts and massacres?

Actually, Israel is doing well, the people have lethal weapons.

IOF bars Palestinians from accessing their land in Salfit

SALFIT, (PIC)– Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) barred Palestinian citizens from accessing and sowing their land in Thuhur Subuh area in Kafr al-Dik village in Salfit governorate, claiming that it is a confiscated area.
Palestinian farmers of the village said that they own those lands and have official documents that prove land ownership.

Violent clashes previously took place with Israeli soldiers in that area in protest against its confiscation.
(Source / 21.01.2016)

Israeli forces open fire at Palestinian farmers, fishermen

Israeli occupation forces always violate a truce agreed with the Palestinian movement Hamas that ended a 51-day Israeli offensive in August 26, 2014

Israeli occupation forces opened fire on Thursday morning on Palestinian farmers and fishermen in Gaza Strip.

An eyewitness told Days of Palestine that a Palestinian farmer was shot in the leg by an Israeli soldier while he was working. Then he was transferred to Al-Shifa Hospital for treatment.

Days of Palestine, Gaza Strip –Israeli occupation forces opened fire on Thursday morning on Palestinian farmers and fishermen in Gaza Strip.

Israeli forces shot Palestinian farmers while trying to reach their farms located near the borders in the morning in the eastern Gaza.

An eyewitness told Days of Palestine that a Palestinian farmer was shot in the leg by an Israeli soldier while he was working. Then he was transferred to Al-Shifa Hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, Israeli gunboats opened fire on Palestinian fishermen while fishing off the Gaza coast. No injuries were reported.

Working in the sea, fishermen rely on fishing as main source of income to help their families survive, but the Israeli occupation insists on spoiling their life.

Definitely, Israeli occupation always breaks the truce agreed with the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas on August 26, 2014, which ended a 51-day massive Israeli offensive on Gaza that claimed the lives of more than 2,260 Palestinians and wounded around 11,000 others.

(Source / 21.01.2016)

Faraj widely slammed for his role in protecting Israel’s security

GAZA, (PIC)– Recent remarks made by Palestinian Authority (PA) intelligence director Majed Faraj about the role of the PA security forces in preventing resistance attacks against Israeli targets have been widely criticized by Palestinian factions and political forces.

Faraj stated in a recent interview conducted by the US magazine Defense News that the PA security forces had frustrated 200 resistance operations against Israel during the current intifada (uprising) in the occupied territories.

Faraj reiterated his position on the need to preserve the security cooperation between the PA and Israel, and expressed his belief that the resistance operations, which he described as terrorism, would not help the Palestinians to fulfill their dream of having an independent state.

Second deputy speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) Hasan Khreisheh deplored Faraj for bragging about the security collaboration with the occupation against his own people and trying to market himself as a man of peace.

Khreisheh told Quds Press that Faraj’s position was contrary to the Palestinian consensus and reflected that the PA would never renounce its relations with the occupation.

He demanded Faraj to talk about what he had done for the protection of his own people instead of speaking proudly about his achievements for the occupation.

For its part, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) condemned Faraj’s remarks as a political scandal and a cover-up for the daily murder of Palestinians.

The DFLP stressed the need to stop making what it described as “harmful and irresponsible remarks, which portrays the PA as an agency for the protection of Israel’s security.”

(Source / 21.01.2016)

Chief Israeli rabbi calls for executing Palestinians

‘The Israel Police officers who do keep terrorist Palestinians alive should be prosecuted under the law,’ the rabbi said.

Chief Israeli Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu has called for executing Palestinians in order to afford safety for the Israeli occupation states.

“We must not allow a Palestinian to survive after he was arrested. If you leave him alive, he will be released and kill other people,” Eliyahu said, “we must eradicate this evil from within our midst.”

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem –Chief Israeli Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu has called for executing Palestinians in order to afford safety for the Israeli occupation states.

“Israeli army has to stop arresting Palestinians,” he posted on his Facebook wall, “but, it must execute them and leave no one alive.”

Eliyahu declared that the Palestinians are the enemy of the Israeli occupation state and they “must be destroyed and crushed in order to end violence.”

Explaining more about his fatwa, Eliyahu wrote down: “The Israel Police officers who do keep terrorist Palestinians alive should be prosecuted under the law.”

He went one: “We must not allow a Palestinian to survive after he was arrested. If you leave him alive, there is a fear that he will be released and kill other people.” He added: “We must eradicate this evil from within our midst.”

Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post reported him saying: “Should we leave them alive in order to then free them in another gesture to [Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas]? The fact that they still have a desire [to commit terrorist attacks] shows that we are not operating strongly enough,” he said.

Eliyahu also rejected claims that the intifada was caused by the increasing number of Jewish settlers who desecrate Al-Aqsa Mosque. He insisted that terror is innate in the Palestinian soul.

(Source / 21.01.2016)

Almigdad Mojalli, 1980-2016

Almigdad Mojalli was a dedicated and talented Yemeni journalist who wrote for international outlets including Voice of America and IRIN. He was killed by a Saudi airstrike on January 17 while reporting on the civilian toll of a previous strike outside of San‘a. He leaves behind a wife and a young son.

Two of Almigdad’s colleagues, Shuaib Almosawa and Kareem Fahim, wrote about Almigdad for The New York Times this week.

Mr. Mojalli…wrote about the dilemmas Yemeni journalists faced, working and living in a war zone and juggling the job with worries for family and friends. In September,writing for IRIN, an international news service that focuses on humanitarian issues, he chronicled yet another strike. This time, the victims included relatives.

Before that attack, he had become desensitized, he said. “I’ve been to dozens of bomb sites,” he wrote. “Every day, I wake up to hear that 10 people were killed last night, or 20, or 40. It almost stops feeling real.”

An online donation page has been created to raise money for Almigdad’s widow and child.

(Source / 21.01.2016)

Israel to seize West Bank land; demolishes EU structures


Israel to make largest land seizure since 2014; demolishes six West Bank structures funded by the EU’s humanitarian arm

Israel confirmed on Thursday it was planning to appropriate a large tract of fertile land in the occupied West Bank, close to Jordan, a move likely to exacerbate tensions with Western allies and already drawing international condemnation.

In an email sent to Reuters, COGAT, a unit of Israel’s Defense Ministry, said the political decision to seize the Palestinian territory had been taken and “the lands are in the final stages of being declared state lands.”

The appropriation covers 380 acres in the Jordan Valley close to Jericho, an area where Israel already has many settlement farms illegally built on Palestinian lands. It is Israel’s largest land seizure since August 2014.

Thumbnail image for Israel confiscates nearly 1,000 acres of Palestinian land in the West Bank

Israel confiscates nearly 1,000 acres of Palestinian land in the West Bank

Critics say massive land grab shows Israel uninterested in two-state solution

U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon denounced the move and Palestinian officials said they would push for a resolution at the United Nations against Israel’s settlement policies.

“Settlement activities are a violation of international law and run counter to the public pronouncements of the government of Israel supporting a two-state solution to the conflict,” Ban said in a statement.

The land, in an area under Israeli military occupation and already used by Jewish settlers to farm dates, is situated near the northern tip of the Dead Sea.

Palestinian officials denounced the seizure.

“Israel is stealing land specially in the Jordan Valley under the pretext it wants to annex it,” Hanan Ashrawi, a senior member of the Palestine Liberation Organization, told Reuters. “This should be a reason for a real and effective intervention by the international community to end such a flagrant and grave aggression which kills all chances of peace.”

The United States, whose ambassador angered Israel this week with criticism of its West Bank policy, said it was strongly opposed to any moves that accelerate settlement expansion.

“We believe they’re fundamentally incompatible with a two-state solution and call into question, frankly, the Israeli government’s commitment to a two-state solution,” Deputy State Department spokesman Mark Toner said on Wednesday.

In a development likely to further upset Europe, Israeli forces demolished six structures in the West Bank funded by the EU’s humanitarian arm. The structures were dwellings and latrines for Bedouins living in an area known as E1 — a particularly sensitive zone between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea.

Israel has not built settlements in E1, with construction considered a “red line” by the United States and the EU. It could potentially split the West Bank, cutting Palestinians off from occupied East Jerusalem, which they seek for their capital.

“This is the third time they demolished my house and every time I rebuilt it, this time also I will rebuild it and I am not leaving here. If we leave they will turn the place into a closed military zone,” said Palestinian Saleem Jahaleen, whose home was razed.

Thumbnail image for Businesses in settlements violate Palestinian rights, says rights group

Businesses in settlements violate Palestinian rights, says rights group

Human Rights Watch calls on companies to stop operating in illegal Israel settlements, respect human rights

Israeli officials did not respond to requests for comment on the demolitions. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said last week the EU was building illegally in the area.

“They’re building without authorization, against the accepted rules, and there’s a clear attempt to create political realities,” he told the foreign media.

Netanyahu was scheduled to address the World Economic Forum in Davos on Thursday. He met U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry there but it was not clear if the issue was raised.

The Palestinians want to establish an independent state in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem, areas Israel captured in the 1967 Middle East War.

There are now about 550,000 Jewish settlers living in the West Bank and East Jerusalem combined, according to Israeli government and think-tank statistics. About 350,000 Palestinians live in East Jerusalem and 2.7 million in West Bank.

All Israeli settlements are illegal under international law. Specifically, U.N. Security Council Resolution 446 states: “The policy and practices of Israel in establishing settlements in the Palestinian and other Arab territories occupied since 1967 have no legal validity and constitute a serious obstruction to achieving a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the Middle East.”

Israel is hoping that in any final agreement with the Palestinians it will be able to keep large settlement blocs including in the Jordan Valley. The Palestinians are adamantly opposed.

The last round of peace talks broke down in April 2014 and Israeli-Palestinian violence has surged in recent months. Since the start of October, 148 Palestinians and 25 Israelis have been killed.

(Source / 21.01.2016)

Israeli planes destroy Palestinians’ plantings east of Gaza

GAZA, (PIC)– Israeli airplanes Thursday morning destroyed Palestinians’ plantings near al-Shujaiya district in Gaza Strip after spraying it with harmful pesticides.

The Israeli planes crossed Gaza border for tens of meters and caused great damage to the crops after spraying them with crop-killing chemicals. Palestinian farmers underlined that Israeli forces deliberately practice such aggressive attacks.

Israeli forces in the morning opened their machinegun fire at Palestinian farmers in the same area in order to make them leave their lands. No casualties were reported.
(Source / 21.01.2016)


Apartheid Israel - resized

A new report published by the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) outlines the nature of the legal regime currently operating in the West Bank. Two systems of law are applied in a single territory: one – a civilian legal system for Israeli citizens, and a second – a military court system for Palestinian residents. The result: institutionalized discrimination.

“Two residents of the Hebron area have an altercation within the territory of the West Bank and both are arrested. One of them, a Jewish resident of Kiryat Arba, is taken to a nearby police station, is immediately interrogated by a police officer and is brought within 24 hours to a hearing before the Jerusalem Magistrates Court. In this hearing, the judge decides to order his release on condition of bail; this is not a very severe case, and the defendant pleads self- defense.

The second person, a Palestinian resident of Hebron, is arrested for 96 hours before being brought before a military judge. He is de facto interrogated only once during this period of time, under suspicion of committing an assault based on nationalistic motivations, which is deemed as a security offense, and he is tried before a military court, where he faces a penalty of extended incarceration.”

– A passage from within the report.

The One Rule, Two Legal Systems report reviews the prevailing legal situation in the West Bank under Israeli rule, and explains how decades of “temporary” military rule have given rise to two separate and unequal systems of law that discriminate between the two population groups living in the one territory – Israelis and Palestinians. The legal differentiation is not restricted to security or criminal matters, but touches upon almost every aspect of daily life.

A series of military decrees, legal rulings and legislative amendments have resulted in a situation whereby Israeli citizens living in the Occupied Territories remain under the jurisdiction of Israeli law and the Israeli court system, with all the benefits that this confers. The High Court of Justice has ruled that the rights enshrined in Israel’s Basic Laws (equivalent to constitutional provisions) apply equally to these citizens, despite the fact that they do not reside in sovereign Israeli territory. A substantial portion of Israeli Law is also applied within the Occupied Territories to “Jews according to the Law of Return” and yet are not Israeli citizens.

By contrast, Palestinians in the West Bank are subject to much stricter military legal law – military orders that have been issued by IDF Generals since 1967. This is in addition to Jordanian Laws that preceded the region’s occupation. Unlike Israeli citizens, Palestinians are tried in military tribunals for every crime from traffic violations to the theft of a carton of milk from the grocery store.

According to Attorney Tamar Feldman, Director of Human Rights in the Occupied Territories Department: “This report demonstrates that discrimination between Israelis and Palestinians, living under one rule and in the same territory, is not a localized phenomenon, but an issue of institutional discrimination, as it applied to areas entirely unrelated to security matters. It falls to Israeli society to recognize this reality.”

(Source / 21.01.2016)