Mohjat al-Quds: Health of hunger striker prisoner Shoukah worsening

BETHLEHEM, (PIC)– Mohjat al-Quds Foundation said that the health condition of prisoner Hassan Hassanein Shoukah, 27, who has been on hunger strike in Israeli jails for 32 days, is deteriorating.

The foundation said in a statement on Wednesday that the health condition of the prisoner Shoukah has deteriorated dramatically as a result of his hunger strike waged against the Israeli arbitrary administrative detention policy and the Israeli Prison Service’s procrastination in meeting his legitimate demands for freedom.

The foundation, which is concerned with prisoners and martyrs’ affairs, added that the IPS transferred captive Shoukah to Jalama detention center without giving reasons.

The foundation noted that the Israeli jailers treat the captive Shoukah harshly, despite his worsening health status; as he was deliberately transported via “Bosta”, an Israeli prison vehicle in which the detainees are transported shackled to iron chairs for long hours, from his isolation in Megiddo prison to Jalama detention center. He was not allowed to wear winter clothes in the bitter cold weather and he was held in one of the Jalama prison cells without providing him with winter blankets, which led to further worsening of his health condition, the foundation added.

Mohjat al-Quds condemned the racist Israeli occupation’s policy in dealing with the hunger-striking prisoners and its disregard for their legitimate demands for freedom and human dignity. The foundation appealed to human rights organizations to intervene immediately to put pressure on Israel so as to meet the demands of the Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike.

The Israeli occupation forces arrested captive Shoukah, a citizen of the city of Bethlehem, in September last year, and sentenced him to administrative detention without being charged. In response to this arbitrary detention, he declared an open hunger strike in December in protest at being arbitrarily transferred to isolation cells in Megiddo prison and against his administrative detention.

(Source / 14.01.2016

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