IOF destroys EU-financed agricultural facilities in the Jordan Valley

JORDAN VALLEY, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) razed on Thursday morning, a number of agricultural facilites in the town of Irza in the northern Jordan Valley, funded by European institutions.

Local sources told the PIC reporter that the IOF demolished four agricultural greenhouses in the Ainoun area of Irza under the pretext of being built without permit.

The IOF also demolished water well donated by the Italian Church for the delivery of water to the citizens that has been built with the approval of the Israeli occupation authorities (IOA).

Activist Mohammed Abu Mohsen, a citizen in the region, told the PIC reporter that the IOA does not recognize Khirbet Irza and describes it as an unrecognized gathering that must be removed. The IOA turned the hamlet into a closed military area planted with landmines which led to the death of a big number of Bedouins living in the area.

He pointed out that the IOF had previously carried out many demolition operations in the area, including the demolition of a large number of houses and barns which resulted in the displacement of a large number of the population, even the sole mosque in the hamlet was repeatedly destroyed.

Khirbet Irza is located 10 km east of Tubas in the plains of Bokayaa, and is inhabited by nearly 12 families (100 individuals), those who remained of its original inhabitants who were previously counted in hundreds and who used to work on farming their agricultural lands estimated at 25 thousand dunums.

(Source / 14.01.2016)

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