Syrian Coalition Discusses Madaya Siege with Friends of the Syrian People

The Syrian Coalition said that by allowing aid convoys to enter the town of Madaya in Rural Damascus, the Assad regime admitted its responsibility for the siege of civilians trapped inside and for letting so many of them starve to death.

In a meeting between members of the political committee and representatives of the Friends of the Syrian people earlier today, both sides condemned the siege of Madaya and all other sieges across Syria.

The two sides discussed the proposed negotiations to be held late January between the Syrian opposition and Assad regime. They also discussed measures that should be taken ahead of the negotiations and stressed the need to create an appropriate environment for the negotiations process.

The Syrian Coalition underlined the need for the Assad regime to immediately implement provisions of the UN Security Council resolution 2254, especially articles 12 and 13 of the resolution regarding humanitarian access and attacks against civilians. The Coalition stressed the need to stop indiscriminate attacks against civilians; lift the siege on the besieged areas; allow the delivery of humanitarian aid; release detainees and reveal the fate of those missing.

(Source: Syrian Coalition / 11.01.2016)

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