Family of captive al-Qiq affirms deterioration of his health

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– The family of the Palestinian captive Mohammad al-Qiq, who has been on hunger strike for 47 days, affirmed the deterioration of Mohammad’s health condition at the Israeli hospital of Afula.

The family told the PIC reporter that they are concerned about the ongoing deterioration of his health condition and that they are afraid of losing him. He vomits blood and communicates with his lawyer by sign language since he has become speechless, the family underlined.

The family also revealed that their son met with his lawyer while he was chained to the hospital bed. He told his lawyer that he urinates blood and has become incapable to walk normally. His body is so thin and has a pale face, the lawyer said.

Prisoner Qiq resides in al-Khalil and was working as a correspondent for al-Majd news channel. He was arrested on November 25, 2015 and held under administrative detention with no charge or trial.  Detainee Qiq waged a hunger strike in protest at being detained administratively merely for his professional background.
(Source / 09.01.2016)

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