8,000 Palestinian refugees suffering tragic conditions in Turkey

ISTANBUL, (PIC)– 8,000 Palestinian refugees, who migrated from Syria to Turkey, have been suffering harsh living conditions especially in southern Turkish cities of Kielce, Urfa, Mersin, Antioch and  others.

The Palestinian migrants complain of the lack of job opportunities, poverty, too expensive rentals and harsh living conditions because of the extreme cold weather and the lack of heating means. Besides, many of students refrain from joining Syrian schools.

The Turkish regulations do not allow the entry of Palestinians into Turkey without visa, which force them to enter the country illegally and thus put themselves in danger.

The Palestinian refugees in Turkey appealed to the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Turkish government to help them and improve their humanitarian and legal conditions as well as allowing Palestinians to enter Turkey without visa.
(Source / 05.01.2016)

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