Egyptian national among 47 executed in Saudi Arabia

Egyptian national among 47 executed in Saudi Arabia

Mohamed Fathy Abdel Atty Al-Sayyed Executed In Saudi Arabia On Jan. 22, 2016

CAIRO: An Egyptian national was among the 47 persons, including Shiite clergyman Nimr al-Nimr, who were executed Saturday in Saudi Arabia over terrorism-related charges, according to a statement from the Saudi Ministry of Interior.

All executed persons are Saudis except for the Egyptian national, Mohamed Fathy Abdel Atty al-Sayyed, 40, and a Chadian national called Mostafa Mohamed Al-Taher Abkar, the statement added.

Sayyed has been detained by Saudi authorities in Mecca since 2003 over accusations of plotting for a terrorist act in Khaldia of Mecca; SPA reported Saudi authorities saying that Sayyed and 11 others were arrested after police stormed their apartment and seized home-made explosives. The authorities added that five others were killed in fire exchange with the security forces.

The executed have faced charges of targeting public utilities, housing compounds and oil companies via using homemade explosives, and guns; they also were convicted over killing a number of civilians and security personnel, the statement added. They also faced charges of belonging to terrorist group, inciting violence.

Sayyed is a brother of an Egyptian fugitive who received a death sentence on August 10, 2015 over belonging to an al-Qaeda-related “terrorist cell” known in Egyptian media as “Zawahrir cell.”

The executions have been carried out in cities of Riyadh, Mecca and Medina, the eastern province, Qassim, Ha’il, The northern borders, Asir, Al-Jawf, Najran,  Al-Bahah and Tabuk.

Shiite Iran, Yemen’s Houthis and Lebanon’s Supreme Islamic Shiite Council have condemned the execution of al-Nimr, the leader of Shiite militia of Iraq, Reuters reported; member of Iranian Assembly of Experts Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami stated that Sunni Saudi ruling family would be brought down.

(Source / 02.01.2016)

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