Report: 2015 was the worst for the besieged Gaza people

GAZA, (PIC)– The National Movement Commission for Breaking the Siege and Reconstruction said that the population in the Gaza Strip has faced during 2015 the harshest days of their lives under the blockade.

In a report issued on Thursday, the commission stated that the average per capita income in Gaza during the year had declined to less than 700 US dollars, which is the lowest in the Middle East.

The unemployment rate also rose to world-record levels after it became 45 percent among the entire residents and 60 percent among the young people, while 40 percent of the population now live under the poverty line and 80 percent depends on humanitarian aid, the commission added.

It also affirmed that the Egyptian authorities had closed the Rafah border crossing for most of the year and only opened it exceptionally for a few days to allow the travel of certain passengers, including patients and pilgrims, and the entry of some dead bodies to Gaza.

(Source / 01.01.2016)

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