Maleh Calls for Enabling the FSA to End Russian and Iranian Occupation of Syria

Haytham al-Maleh, head of the Syrian Coalition’s legal committee, presented official notes to Saudi Arabia’s foreign ministry and to Qatar’s embassy in Cairo calling for stepping up support for the FSA to end the Russian and Iranian occupation of Syria.

In an interview with Al-Bawaba newspaper on Tuesday, Maleh said that “we hope that Saudi Arabia and Qatar respond to our request so that the FSA can expel the invaders from our land.”

Maleh accused the Iranian regime of seeking to destroy Syria which would benefit the Israeli occupation, adding that 70% of Syrian territory was destroyed by Iran and its puppet Bashar al-Assad.

“We need the full support of our Arab brothers as the Syrian people, while defending their revolution, in fact hold the first line of defense for the entire Arab nation. The Russian-Iranian project in Syria must be countered by all means.” Maleh added.

Maleh said that “there is no place for Bashar al-Assad and all the murderers in the transitional period as the initiation of the transitional period means, in effect, the downfall of the Assad regime.”

Furthermore, Maleh said that the agreement reached at the Riyadh conference, which brought together all groups of the armed and political opposition, stated that the rule of Bashar al-Assad and his inner circle should end once a transitional governing body is formed.

Maleh urged the Friends of Syria group to adopt a joint memorandum calling for the UN General Assembly to discuss the situation in Syria and to stop the aerial bombardment. “This move at the UN General Assembly needs to be approved by 130 countries, which is attainable. The situation in Syria is a humanitarian disaster and the international community must move to stop the Russians and the Iranians crimes,” he stressed.

Maleh also presented a memorandum to the Arab League calling for an emergency ministerial meeting to discuss the Russian and Iranian aggression on Syria.

(Source: Syrian Coalition / 30.12.2015)

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